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Has anyone skied The Outback at Mt. Washington (Canada)?

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I'm interested in giving it a shot but once you commit to it the only ways down are Double Black Diamond and it's quite tall.  What's the easiest run of the group?  Is there anything shorter on the front-side that would be a good test?



My only other data point is a few runs of Double Black Diamond at Cypress Mountain in Vancouver.  Even though they were the only other ones I have skied, I felt that they were probably a little easy for the Double Black Diamond designation.  It was late in the season and that probably filled in some of the challenging parts.

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Bump.    Has anyone skied this resort before?

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I havent skied it but have heard its steep and deep overthere

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Looking at the EpicSki Resorts page for Mt. Washington, found a really old thread that has some info.  Click on the Tag (right of Post #1) then scroll down to find the thread links.

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Bump.    Has anyone skied this resort before?

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Originally Posted by marznc View Post

Looking at the EpicSki Resorts page for Mt. Washington, found a really old thread that has some info.  Click on the Tag (right of Post #1) then scroll down to find the thread links.

Unfortunately, that thread is so old that it was made before they installed the Boomerang lift.


If I do end up skiing it, I will be sure to share a report.  biggrin.gif

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Certainly seems like a TR is long overdue.

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I lived on Vancouver Island for 14 months so Mt washington was my local hill for 05/06. That season was the first season that the Outback opened ie became lift served and on the trail map.
It was great because there was enough Expert Only signs at the top to keep the crowds away.
At times my 10yo and myself had the place to ourselves.
When it snows ,it pukes down. The 2 winters we were there it snowed right down to the ocean. Be warned though, the snow is very wet and heavy. Crud busting bull dozer type ski reccomended after storm.
The Thuderdome side is the more challenging area. The Glades side is the easiest way down and shouldn't be huge drama for an enthusiastic intermedate. Its the trees that give the glades side its double black rating. The thuderdome side has some steep sections and the Thunderdome run itself is a steep narrow gully.
Main thing to consider, on the thunderdome run, if you don't turn right when you are supposed to you will have hike back to the boomerang chair.

Funny thing about the Oz terms such as outback and boomerang is that it has the least amount of Aussies than any other Canadian hill I have been too.
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I have only spent 1 day at Cypress but if my memory serves me correctly, the Mangroves and Billabong runs were no more difficult than the Cypress double blacks.

Mt Washington can get crowded on the weekends. More so than any other Cdn hill that I have been to. When it gets busy, the Outback is the go. Or at least it was 6 years ago
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I skied at Mt. Washington BC in its early days around the time it first opened.  BEFORE they developed the "Outback".

I didn't post because my experience is antiquated, but as you have nothing better to go by....


The runs at mount Washington are steep, but the snow does slow you down quite a bit.


I think I ventured an excursion or two over to where the outback is now one year, and found the thrill not worth the hike back.  I was going to go back again the next year, but they were working on it and I was discouraged from going that way, until they were done.  Unfortunately I haven't been back since they opened it.  Who knows, maybe they cleared up a lot of runs that weren't skiable before.


If you look at their trail map, you will see at the top of eagle lift on skiers right of the lift there is a little cliff.  It used to have a warning rope.  IIRC I used to start at that cliff and ski down somewhere (it's -or at least it was hard to tell exactly what run you're on 'til you get further down) between west basin and westerly.  I could be wrong, but I would say if your comfortable with that area (chimney, powderface, westerly, westbasin and king geroge) You don't have to worry about much.  If you want challenging lines, there is another cliff on the other side that was also roped off, but had a few skiable  lines (depending on tree growth they could be gone or maybe there are new ones nowth_dunno-1[1].gif), that I found worth the hike back.   I don't know how Ski Area Management and CSP would feel about you ducking that rope these days though.


As far as skill required, when I first skied there I had almost none, and I seemed to be able to manage without falling down after the first three days of getting used to the deep snow.  (on old long skinny Dynastars GS skis)

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Thanks all.  It's greatly appreciated. 

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Hey Steve

Have to agree with you on the Cypress Double Blacks they are not that difficult, let us know how Mt Washington shapes up when you get back!

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found some video from Mt. Washington (no not me).

You might want to pm skinerd.


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Great local hill! Had the pleasure to ski a day there back around 2009'ish, early season, so even though there was a good amount of snow, Mt. Wa needs a good deal for it to ski well. I'm sure it's pretty banner up there now. The day we were there, the vis was very limited, but there were plenty of trees to hang around for the trip down. Don't remember anything being 'holy crap! steep at, just nice angles for a ride in about 30cm of fresh. IMH experience, deep powder makes 'double blacks' smooth, luscious, and easy slid'in. Have fun!

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Hi All,


Thanks again for the info.  As promised, here is a quick trip report.


We visited the mountain this morning and skied The Outback.  Conditions were pretty good but it wasn't deep powder in most areas.  There had been a lot of snow in the last week but there hadn't been a lot of snow overnight and so it was fairly well tracked out on the obvious routes.


On our first approach, we hiked up to the entrance to Copper.  It looked pretty intimidating so we retreated and went off the front side (not The Outback) to avoid getting ourselves in a bad spot.  I then went up by myself to try a different route.  I started at the entrance to Brumpys and made my way to the skiers left, probably coming through Mangroves before reaching an obvious bench.  From the bench, I followed a cat track for a short period of time (crossing under the lift) and then I believe I dropped into the McKay Glades.  A reasonably simple route could be found through McKay Glades but it would also be easy to get off-track.  I got lucky and found a route down without any major challenges.  I found that combination of runs to be a very good introduction to the area.  I grabbed my partner and we did it one more time before our half-day passes expired.


Summary:  Based on my very limited experience, I'd say that The Outback has some extremely challenging terrain but that it's also possible to weave together a relatively simple (black diamond or double black diamond) route.  Unfortunately, an "easiest way down" route is not marked.  If you are uncertain, I recommend going with a more experienced friend who can scope out a route first.


A few pictures:

On the front side in the morning:





The Outback:

The Headwall:




Headwall.  Notice the cliffy bit at the top - perhaps that is Crikey? 




McKay Glades?


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