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Fischer Vacuum -how short did you go?

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Just wondering what shell sizing people are using in the Fischer Vacuums?  I had been told by my local dealer they were too short for me -I had a Bic pens worth, about 7mm and my big toe is the longest so I do not match the toe box shape and I have a few toenails that really curve over and are becoming problematic at the sides.  I get the impression some shops are having success when sizing short, and wonder what the opinion is on it.  Also does the new liner make a big difference in toe box stretches -it would seem to me that it should be better.

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You might look for the long thread on this boot - "Gamechanger" was in the title as I recall. Has lots of useful info. Also might try the bootfitters forum, lot of very experienced guys there good at solving problems.


IMO (have not owned a Vacuum, just thinking about boots in general), you're classically between sizes; 7 mm is at/near the lower limit; any oddity about the shape or proportions of your forefoot or toes will be translated into serious shell pressure. Also, your toes will have very little room to move, so if you ski in low temps, that could spell cold damage. OTOH, if you have a fairly regular foot, 7 mm will produce a super snug fit that many seek out, especially if you race or carve up the groomers. I just had to decide between 5 mm and 15 mm (another brand), agonized for a while but went with 15 and a high density custom liner. These are boots meant for sidebounds and bumps and powder, and I have cold damaged toes. But my plugs are 8 mm, works fine for a more specialized purpose, and very different last.


Finally, I was under the impression that the Fischer system was supposed to eliminate the need to go super short for a snug fit where it counts (ankle etc.) You might want to check on whether you even need to go so tight. 

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I have the Vacuum 130 boots. A good, snug fit in 27.5, same as I was skiing in Tecnica.


I can tell you that the liner in these boots is either shaped a little too pointy in the forefoot/toes and/or shortlasted.

I spent five days with very cold, numb toes before switching to a different brand liner. Result for me = no numb, smashed toes, but I did lose some  ankle/heel fit. In my experience, this liner was not going to stretch for me, at least the way I needed it to. In fact, I could get cold, numb toes just wearing the bare liners on my couch. the liners were that tight for me... So, to help answer your question, I'd recommend that you try on just the liners after you do your shell fit. If the liner won't stretch enough around your foot with no boot, it surely won't stretch enough with the boot over it??


I did notice a big difference in my circulation (for the better) when I switched liners. Initially, I was deathly afraid that I had selected too short a shell. In fact, my bootfitter asked me a few times if the boots were long enough prior to fitting them, as he said the boots would NOT get longer. Apparently, the plastic can move quite a bit in and out, but longer it won't do.


I've emailed my boofitter, asking to either get a size larger liner from Fischer or re-mold with the current liners. I've yet to hear from them, but I'm very sure that the last week was very busy for them.


I hope this helps you a little.

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I was contemplating a Fischer vacuum, but I couldn't figure out how the hose attached. Stuck with a Dyson.

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