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Anyone out there have any experience in triathlons ?

Have somehow managed to enter myself in a triathlon in a few months, its just a little one, but I'm not exactly full of confidence. Anyone out there got any tips or tricks they care to share ?


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I did some 'baby' triathlons last year that were designed to get women into the sport, was all new to me - I had not swum lengths for 25 years or done any road running. There was a series of 3 and each one got longer. I am a decade or so older than you so was a good challenge, but I did it. There were a couple of ladies in the over 70 age group, they have been doing it every year since they took up the sport at 50. So you can never be to old to start.

The website below is set up by the ladies who ran our series, has some good advice for first timers, training tips, transitions etc.


Some of my the things i found
- get your body used to going from swimming to biking, and biking to running. Getting off the bike and starting to run, my legs were all jelly.
- I spent lots of time doing lengths in the pool, but when it comes to an event and you wear a wetsuit in the sea it is quite different. Also train in your wetsuit in the sea. You may not need a wear a wetsuit, you water is probably warmer than ours.
- borrow a road bike. I used my mountainbike with road tyres. Those on road bikes just whizzed past me effortlessly. Of course it could have been my pathetic cycling [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Good luck
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Hey Miss Jane! I have done a few sprint distance tris. Lots of fun! Like Julie said running after biking is tough, for me no real way to get used to it. Just run after a few minutes it is OK. The hardest part for me is the swim. If you can, swim in conditions close to what you’re going to be in. For me it was easier to start in the back of the pack at the swim so I was not tangled with other swimmers. Wear your swim goggles under your swim cap to avoid it being kicked off during the swim.
I tend to waste allot of energy in the swim so I take it slow and steady. Get used to swimming in the correct direction you want to go. Lots of first timers zig zag wasting time and energy. If it is a big event it can be hard to find your bike/stuff at the transitions. It helps to have a bright towel to help you see your stuff. Practice transitions, you can save lots of time/energy if you’re not searching and fumbling around for shoes, socks, helmet. I always walk the transitions from the swim, run, bike prior to the race to plan my entrance and exits.

I wear a tri swimsuit the entire race. I do have a baggy pair of shorts that I can pull on easily when wet. You will do great on the bike. Just get used to tight turns in close proximity to others. If it is an "easy" tri there maybe people that are not as skilled on the bike so be careful and watch for spectators, they can get in the way.

Good luck and great to "see" you here!
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Ladies in their 70s are allowed to do it, and I was forbidden to compete in a baby triathlon, at age 28!!!!!!!

This in unjust, not PC, and unfair!!!!
I protest.
Seriously, don't push too much the first time, take it at a leisure pace, that's what I intended to do, had not my "triathlon carreer" be aborted at the first attempt.
Try, if possible a baby one first.
I remember that while training for it, I was feeling confident I could have done it, not win, neither shine, just complete it, that was my goal for the first time.
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thanks for the tips !! I'm a fairly strong swimmer, and the bike should be ok, just can't run. I run like a fish out of water, apparently quite amusing to watch, but no fun to actually do. being the last leg its my most concern too. will try working on transition too. Totally with you Matteo, Compete to complete has to be the way to go this time. I was hoping if I enjoyed it to look into the Xterra tris, but I have just read they have stopped running them in Aust not sure this road bike/lycra thingie is really my cuppa. oh well...you never know until you try.

ps. Hi Kima !!! hope your enjoying the ski season !!
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Jane I am having fun this year, wish you could come my way! You will do fine! really it is not all that hard. If I can do it you have Nothing to worry about. Since your strong in the swim you may want to start in the front of the group/wave so you do not have to swim over/around the others.
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I did it ! ya !! thanks for the tips everyone.
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well I made it to the finish line and thats the main thing. met my objective. as for the race itself, was nice calm day in the bay, swim was a breeze, probably didn't push myself hard enough not knowing how I would cope for the rest of the race, did the bike ride with my mtn bike, Trek Fuel 90, ha ha, was funny passing blokes on thier road bikes !! I guess climbing all those hills has helped =o) and then of course the run, hmm, like a fish out of water, I would say it was more of a shuffle but I got there, had foot cramps most of the run, will need to get my shoes looked at I think. damn painful. anyway, best adrenaline rush and sense of achievement I've had in ages, even contemplating getting one of those road bike thingies and taking this up properly for next season.
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Good for you. I knew you would do well. Come on over and do this with me http://www.xterraplanet.com/race/keystone_root.html#xt

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yeh, thats the one for me !! got my name written all over it. unfortunately making it back to the US is proving a tad difficult at present. I see they have an xterra in NZ in April, 1km swim, 30km mtn bke and 10km run. hmm well thats my target for next year. oohh goodie. what fun. I know they used to run them in Australia but not this year.

Good luck in the xterra Kima !! Let me know how you go !
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