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Numb toes!!

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Yesterday was my first day in my Lange RS130s. The fit of the boot seems good everywhere but I ran into a problem after a few runs. My toes got really numb and it's still lingering. What do you suggest? Can I have my fitter punch out the toe box as a quick fix? HELP!!
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Honestly, you should ask your fitter. The reason is that your symptom could be caused by so many different things that it's near impossible for those of us here in webzland to help you anywhere near as much as he can. We can't check the shell fit, check your socks & footbeds or do the sort of debrief that can help to isolate the problem. It's probably best for you to go in fresh without having a fix in mind b/c he may have an entirely different solution that what you or we think.

Of course a liner punch might be a help but then again....?



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then again, so would looking into spots that might impinge nerve and or blood flow, etc......



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