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Fell on shoulder - Diagnose me :)

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I've had many a shoulder injury over the years from my freeride mountain biking, I've got a partially torn labrum so at risk of further damage (which I may have done)

Today I had a fall in the snow, landed on my hand, fell through it and stretched my shoulder...

About 2 runs later I had another tumble which I went straight down onto the top of the shoulder.

Sensitivity to pressure behind the shoulder on the back

Struggle to lift arm 

50% range of motion, maybe less.


I assume it's either AC or rotator cuff damage, I don't think my labrum has been torn further.

I'm just trying to figure out which one.

Yes, you may say see a doctor, I'll be home soon so I'll go then. I'd just like an idea of whether its AC or RC.


A spa helped immensely.

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I suffered the 2nd and 3rd symptoms in my fall, it was a partial tear of rotator.  Just physical therapy for me as it was a minor tear.  I only had problems lifting my arm from the side outward.  I had no problem lifting it forward or backward or with the range in motion in those directions but couldn't even get my arm parallel to the floor going sideways. 


All fine now.



good luck

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I had the 2nd and 3rd symptoms both times I separated my shoulder (different shoulders), not enough to stop me from skiing. Hope you get well soon!

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Separated AC?

I'll be skiing tomorrow and the rest of my time in Utah, no doubt.

Some ibuprofen seems to have helped a lot.

Not so sensitive now, but still a bit tender.
Thanks for replies.

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Sorry Echo but that's not enough info to give you any diagnosis... you need to be specific with the location of the pain because it identifies different structures. same for ROM, different muscles move your shoulder in different ways so saying you can't lift it is not saying much at all.

Same goes for your two MOIs, it could be a lot of things, FOOSH is just not specific enough.

Also I can't rule out another possible labrum tear without actually testing you're shoulder so, I guess it's the old: "Go see a doctor" thing...

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