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Dynastar Cham 97 Ski

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Interested in getting the Cham 97's but concerned about them being too heavy. The Cham 97 High Mountain appears to be the same ski (with different graphics) only lighter because of no metal and different wood core. Is the Cham 97 HM an alternative for regular skiers who want a lighter version of the 97? In other words, can you mount regular bindings on the High Mountains or for some reason are they only suitable for touring bindings? Would there be any downside to going with the HM version?

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Yes, aside from the core and the laminates, they are the same. So......the same only different. It depends upon why you want them to be lighter in weight. If it is for carrying, sure the HM will offer an advantage. In general skiing applications the difference will not be that great except that the Cham is more damp and stable than the HM while the HM will be more snappy. There will be no problem mounting alpine bindings.



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