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Stevens Pass reports 39" overnight!

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I don't usually post these, but I was gobsmacked by this one.  While Mt. Baker got 2" overnight last night, Stevens Pass, just down the way, got a reported 39".  And they have the web shot to prove it:






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Hope you are on your way up there now. ;)

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Can't.  I have to workmad.gif.

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Did everyone see their Facebook post?

I have a volunteer committment so I am also not there, but my husband is. It sounds like it took him quite a bit longer than usual to drive up there--there's quite a bit of snow on the road.

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If you're a weather geek like me and are interested why Baker only received 2" of new while Stevens got 39", here's a great non-technical explanation:  http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/

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I was there, along with about half of Seattle I think. :)  The lift lines were by far the worst I've ever seen at Stevens, not helped by the fact that everyone was concentrated on the front side in the AM and then many people moved to the backside when it opened.  Lines finally cleared out around 2pm, and there was still fresh to be found at that point if you looked around.


It took Patrol a while to get things open, they had a ton of work to do.  Lifts finally started loading a little after 9:30, but the real treat was at noon when they opened the backside for the first time this year, after 69" of snow in the last 48 hours.  The first couple runs down the backside were unreal, never had so many over-the-head face shots before.  The snow was pretty good quality snow, but there was so much of it that you really needed some slope in order to even move, much less make turns.  It was funny watching people try to duck into the snow on the sides of intermediate/beginner trails and immediately get stopped because there was just so much snow.  But opening it up on something like Aquarius face and throwing down some big sweeping turns?  Epic.


Despite the crowds, it was a super fun day.  Everyone was in such a great mood, there were hoots and hollers all over the place.


I did hear that a lot of people got turned away, though.  It probably wasn't a good day for them.  They had trouble plowing out the lots it looked like, they weren't fitting the cars in as tightly as usual because there wasn't quite as much space as normal.

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FIgured everyone went to Stevens on Saturday. Or hit up Snoqualmie Pass for the season opener. Hit Crystal, and manged to suffer through a measely 21 inches of fresh. It was awesome lapping Southback and not crossing a single track the whole day. Chair Six was nice. Managed to hit it at the open, and got several runs in before word got out. It was only knee deep blower though. Only skied one groomer all day. Otherwise it was fresh pow all day long. No lift lines, except for a bit of a wait in the late morning at Chair 6. 


Glad all those who hit Stevens had a good day too.

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