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After drooling for the better part of a year and having the discipline to avoid being a guinea pig last year, I finally got my Fischer Vacs done. 


I have weird feet - wide forefoot, heavy calves, narrow heel, Lower volume on the actual foot. Prior to, I was getting away with some Tecnica Phoenix Airs (watered down version of the Dragons with air bladders/pumps).


I was uncertain about it, especially with the high price tag, but they fit well out of the box (I was pretty surprised actually). My biggest issue is that I wanted to go down a size to 27.5. My left boot came out flawless - my dream boot. Right boot I was scrunching abit (2-3 mm short) before vacuum fit, length got fixed in the process - I can stretch out my full toes and my feet remain flat. But it left that sixth toe area too tight afterwards (which was not a problem prior so I guess it stole from that area to stretch toe length wise). So my small toe on right boot is getting crushed.Other than that, all of my main issues seem to be resolved (weird ankle, navicular bone issues, odd volume vs shape). Used lots of wadding for the molding process.


Process was smooth and pain free, I could literally feel the boot warp around my feet at 340. 


I plan on letting the liner pack out abit (its not super thick anyways) and seeing where that gets me. If not I will remold and failing that, I will simply get a custom liner - the boots fit fine without the liner and my feet don't get cold, so a thinner line is fine by me. Other than that, they feel great.



As an aside, I did try out three of the different models, which they had in the same size and one higher (28.5). I struggled to find info online about the different models before driving out 3 hours to the resort ski shop, so figured I would share my impressions.


The Rangers - good fit, snug and skin tight, someone's Bucket List of features for backcountry/sidecountry, not tight enough for racing. (Vibram soles, three way switch for Ride/Hike/Walk, race spoiler, shock absorbers, and a nitro pack on the back...:P)


The Hybrids - very comfortable and cushy, downright voluminous even in 27.5; like walking in space at 28.5 Prob work well for more casual skiers who want it gentle on the footsies. Does not have the Vibram soles. No spoiler (I don't think). Felt like a marshmellow.


The Non-Pro RC4s - too tight, could not get my foot fully into a 27.5 despite being willing to suffer the pain of jamming my foot in. So it was between this in 28.5 and the Ranger in 27.5. No Vibram soles or Switch mode for Ride/Hike/Walk


Pros were not in stock in my size, so no Plugs, altho given my inability to get into the Non-Pros I saw little point. I have wide feet so <shrug>


Theoretically the 27.5s were all the same length at 313 BSL on a 27.5 mondo point, but it did not feel that way when I put them on.They do have different Last widths though (103 on the Hybrid, 101 on the Rangers, 98 on the RC4 Non-Pros, and 95 on the Pros).



Fischer's definition of a 120 Flex seems softer to me than Tecnica's definition - my old ski boots feel much harder than these do. Its a soft plastic.


I am willing to bet those Vibram soles degrade fast, although I had the bootfitter call the Fischer rep who claimed it was possible to get a replacement for just the Vibram sole if need be. The boots little instruction manual came with an instruction guide on how to remove/replace the Vibram sole.


VERY lightweight.







I find walking in the boots easy even in Lock mode; in Hike mode its like butter (although this is in 60 degree temps indoors). Lets see how it feels at the top of the mountain on a cold EC day, will update once I have a few days in em.



Aside from shells, I am so so on the liner, hated their footbeds (does anyone use the stock footbeds?), process was easy but not a 15 min deal. You will still need to invest time and the boots won't be ready for a couple of days.


I was unaware Salomon has something similar going on at this stage - this year they took an older system and upgraded it to compete with this process. The Fischers fit me better naturally and are more moldable so I stuck with them; but if Salomon works for you fit wise, that might be a good alternative. Higher temps/pressure though hehe.