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Spyder Stealth/Bashor sizing

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Looking for sizing information on Spyder tops for a skinny, 6ft tall 15yr old, probably about a 38" chest. I would have guessed a medium, but have been burned buying online without trying on for size.

Anyone have one for sale?Thanks
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hi stuart.  just checked mine (spyder D30) and it is a large (5'8"/170#) so i think the M might be too small 


none for sale i'm afraid, only thing i have is a dainese hard shell one

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Thanks Ray, I thought as much even though the size charts indicate medium by chest size, but arms like a spider monkey. I was looking for first hand confirmation. Nick is already whinging about how much his arms hurt, even though he assured me he'd be OK in an unpadded suit

Hope your wrist heals quickly.

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Thanks stu. Yes, you really need the stealth underneath, even in speed events. I made the mistake of not doing that in a super g last year, took a gate on my shoulder and was bruised down to my wrist!
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