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Whitefish opening "on time"

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But only the back side, of course.  Conditions back there look good in the video (don't they always?).  I'll report back on Monday after I take a run or two.  Last year we opened a week "late", but it was basically just a few days difference, 12/10 last year, 12/8 this year.  Just as well because we haven't really had any snow until now.  



Settled Base 50"/127cm
Overnight Fresh 3"/8cm
24hr New Snow 6"/16cm
Total Snow to Date 0"/0cm
Last 7 Days 0"/0cm
Temperature 15°F/-9°C
Visibility Closed -
Settled Base 30"/77cm
Settled Base 6"/16cm
Overnight Fresh 0"/0cm
24hr New Snow 3"/8cm
Total Snow to Date 0"/0cm
Last 7 Days 0"/0cm
Temperature 22°F/-6°C
Visibility Closed - Good
Wind Light
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Yep.  Great news.  When do they expect Big Ravine and front-side fliers to open?


Any first-hand snow/ski reports would be great.


Can't wait to get there on 12/23.

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I went today to get my locker set up and filled to be ready to go tomorrow.  Discovered my daughter's picture is on the front page of the brochure this year!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!


East Rim and North Bowl Face are still closed, even though they opened T-Bar 2 to access the back side trees and also Russ's Street and Moe-mentum to get down to the base area.  Russ's I am sure is only open that far due to snowmaking.  Until just the last few days, you could see mostly grass on the lower (below the level of the top of Chair 2) front side.  So, depends on the weather.  

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Conditions are outstanding.  MY condition is not.   Most of the mountain east of Toni is open top to bottom.



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The mountain is roughly 50% open, mostly the stuff to the east, but from top to bottom.  Hellroaring is not yet open, but they've been blasting.  The main problem there is the creek bed at the bottom every year.  Chair 2 was also not yet open, but, IMO, may very well be this weekend.  



Daily Video:


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Area is close to 100% open, been snowing enough that the continued low visibility is starting to get to be a strain (I like to see SOMETIMES).  Hellroaring Basin opened yesterday.  Off groomed is in as good shape as I can remember at this point in the season.


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Came across this blog post on some mowing, tree cutting additional snowmaking pipes, etc. this past summer.  The result is noticeable in Elkweed.




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The last couple weeks have been stellar here.  Shot from today.


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