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Silver opening weekend

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Best opening day in a few years. The day started with 7" on unbreakable crust, and snowed heavily all day. By noon it was knee deep in windblown areas, light fluffy snow. Still snowing when I left, who knows how much will be waiting for Saturday. Silver has the best base out anywhere I've been yet (Lookout/49/Mt Spokey). Even a large portion of SOB was GREAT skiing.


Heard they are planning on running Chair 3 tomorrow for anyone headed up.

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Bad low light iPhone pictures, but to give you an idea of coverage:




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Schweitzer was the exact same today.  They had the Triple running also.

Awesome day of Storm Skiing today!!!

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Thanks for report Mike, skied Lookout 10 inches of fresh.  Best skiing of year.  Had lunch at 12 and went back out an skied till 4.

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Silver has been skiing good lately. No grooming yet, which is a bit strange at this point. Not that it bothers me personally.


Brush cutting at Silver on Saturday. Probably should of mowed that in the summer.. Oops! Brush overall this year seems very thick.






Here's the new advanced run "Bootlegger". It needs to fill in as they left a bunch of downed logs, wouldn't recommend poaching it just yet.






Saw your name on the patrol reader board a couple days ago, Pete. Hope everything is okay! :)

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Mike, I am fine.  Blew past the traverse on SOB and had a brain dead moment.  Too much fun.  Took me 1hr and 50min to get out.  Won't do that again.


Skied Bootlegger, a few hazards but interesting run with the dogleg.


Skied Silver with my wife today (she only skis groomers) they groomed Zero runs.  Looks like Jeld Wen is saving $$ but what a crummy way to run a ski resort.  Goes up for auction in Feb., person ally I am worried no one will buy it and we will lose Silver.  Time will tell.

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Glad to hear you are okay! Maybe bring the new AT setup next time you go "exploring". :)

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