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Skiing Salt Lake City

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I'm a 21 male from New Zealand traveling to Salt Lake City in February next year and looking for backpacker style accommodation. Can anyone recommend somewhere that they have been? I'm looking for a place that is low cost and close enough to the bus that goes up LCC. Also, if anyone else has similar intentions it would be fun to meet up! 


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You should probably define what you mean by "low cost". Many of the hotels near LCC and BCC run around $50 to $60 a night. There are also extended stay places that offer weekly rates.


As far as "backpacker style lodging," there is the Avenues Hostel in downtown SLC. It's within walking distance of ski transportation and looks reasonably close to the heart of downtown. The pricing may be outdated, but it was $18 for a dorm bed in 2010. It also sells discount tickets to some resorts.


Here's another hostel in downtown SLC close to transportation:


I haven't stayed at any of them so can't make any recommendations, but hopefully that points you in the right direction.

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