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Skiing Utah Feb 3-8

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I have a flight booked to Utah for Feb 2-9 for 6 days of skiing Feb 3-8. I'm going solo and would like to hook up with people to ski. I'm not exactly sure where I am skiing when yet but it will be some combo of Alta, Snowbird and Solitude.


If you are local and available to ski that week or will be there on vacation that week and want to ski send me a PM. I know it's too early for the locals to know but PM me if it's a possibility and I can contact you closer to my trip.

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Hey Matt,


I'll be skiing Utah some of the days you are there (Feb 3, 4, 5 AM) along with several East Coast Bears. I'll PM you.


BTW, just got back from skiing 3.5 days in Utah. Garyskr and myself got to hit Solitude's Honeycomb Canyon the day it opened (Saturday.) Also hit some knee-deep spots near the top of the Summit lift.

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You are talking about February 2013, not February 2014, correct? biggrin.gif

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Awesome and great timing! Yes, 2013. I will shoot you a PM.

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I'll be there then too. I'll get round to starting a thread eventually!  To find friends.  I'm there Jan 26th to Feb 16th, will be staying in SLC (on fort union of course!) until the 7th of Feb, then Park City from then-on.

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If anyone will be riding at snowbird, feel free to send me a message and I will join up

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Just FYI - I had to cancel my trip due to a back injury.

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