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First Turns Sunday the 9th in CO, So Who......

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has the best snow in Summit or Eagle Counties?

I know sunday will be chilly, in the low teens, so maybe a nice gondola ride at which resort?

I see that MidVail is finally running. Copper has the $40 ticket for those with a Peaks Card, but that will be the coldest spot prolly.

But can stop and see old friend D. Luthi at the Black Diamond.

Or just hit Keystone and do laps on the Gondola there .Yawn!

Just hit Breck around noon and get my legs before checking into Pine Ridge?


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No doubt about it, Copper is the place to be.  They have more terrain open than anyone, and the skiing is pretty good at the moment there as well...



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One of my buds is out there and called from Copper to give us the skinny. I had been wondering if the Super Bee was open for general skiing with the racers using the T-B run for training. So it was good to hear that Copper has a parallel trail from T-B.


Mike, how will the crowds be sunday afternoon, or is that a no-brainer...BAD?

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Just got back from chasing that storm in Colorado these past four days. Talk about stepping in it.


We got a late start out of DEN sunday morning when United played hide the skis with my buddy Joe.


We had planned to hit Copper by 1 PM for the better snow and a $40 ticket celebrating 50 years!


So 2 PM wasn't bad. Minus 5 on top of the SuperBee but still not bad, no wind.


Lapped runs until I couldn't feel my finger tips and toes...new boots in COLD weather break-in.


YUK! Survived it and managed to get our legs, oh and the snow was great.


Up early for the snow report and Vail wins, I think they said 8" or 9" so we arrive early to NO crowds.


Best part is that new terrain and the Wildwood lift are open. It hasn't stopped snowing either, cold smoke!


The POW up top is the kind of powder that is too compressible when it was 20"+, even my rockers would dive.


This was all the snow that had fallen for the season and we were the first to stomp on it.


It snowed all day, sorry no pics, and made for very soft conditions until you got much lower on the hill.


Still snowing when we headed back to Breck, and yes the Pass was getting interesting by then.


Wednesday Vail reports 6" in the past 24 hours and 3" over night. Didn't have to read that twice.


So back to Vail and the place is busy compared to monday, and the MountainTop X is open.


Top-to-bottom skiing/riding and the place is choked with all the POW from what has been a great


3-days. Be advised that the new Gondola One puts far too many bodies up in MidVail and the 4 Chair


gets packed. Got to love a warm ride, but hope it isn't a major mistake.


We racked up just 40k feet of  vertical if you believe the EpicMix stats.


So wednesday morning we have 3 hours to lap the Breck on Peak 8 and manage 10 runs for a quick


13,250 vertical. It was a bluebird day but was getting windier as the morning progressed.


A great storm chasing trip as it turned out, wish they all went this well.


I should have a few more pics in a couple of days, seems I left my camera gear at Payless.


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Glad you got to enjoy it.  We still need a couple more feet to get some terrain open, but the weather pattern is looking like it might aid us.  Keep your fingers crossed!



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I see I made a goof about "Wednesday at Vail", make that "Tuesday at Vail"......

So monday and tuesday we skied Vail.


I do have a couple of shots of us standing around at the top of Skipper during monday afternoon, we did laps in there and did very little sharing. :-)

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