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Demo recommendations please

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Last year I tried some Nordica Hell and Backs in 177s. I really enjoyed them except that I found bumps that I would normally be reasonably comfortable in quite hard work in that the skis seemed quite stiff and unforgiving of mistakes. I expected that this would be so compared to my old Nordica Nitrous 170s but there was too much of a difference for me to be comfortable with.

I would appreciate suggestions of similar skis to try that may be more forgiving in bumps. I am happy to trade off groomer, particularly higher speed groomer, performance for a kinder bump ride.

Is a Nordica Soul rider a possible alternative ( I dont know how I would go skiing with my eyes closed though ).

Any suggestions welcome.

Me : 5, 11", 165 lbs, 61 yo, level 7/8, 25/30 days a year, Colorado, preference for moderately steep,moderate speed ungroomed terrain.

Thanks Mike

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I'm surprised you found the H&B to have stiff tail.  I'm 5'7", 145 pounds, 68 years old and the Steadfast is my daily driver.  I admit that it took a few bump runs to get used to them but I like them in the bumps and I don't think they're stiff at all.  I ski primarily off piste and I'm a pretty aggressive skier.  Give them another try and if they still don't suit you try the Soul Rider.  I haven't skied them although I'm going to try to demo a pair this year, but from what I've read they might suit you just fine.  You're concerned about the graphics?  Why?  The graphics get covered with snow very quickly.

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Among the 98mm crowd the I find the Helen to be pretty middle of the pack as far as stiffness goes and on the stiff side of medium for tail flex. This is not good or bad but about the same proportional stiffness as the Nitrous but 15mm wider and 7 cm longer. Those factors could be more limiting than the flex in this case. Among the 98'ers the Soul is definitely on the soft side which is good for most of what you are asking. There is a payback for that soft flex which comes in the form of rattley performance on very hard snow and it's a bit shakey in crud at higher speeds. Still.......given your description, those sound like acceptable tradeoffs.


If you were keeping your Nitrous for "ain't snowed lately" days, I can think of a couple of skis in the 100+ range that might make your day. Also, if you prioritize bumps more than powder over 6" or so, there are some 88-90's that are great. Among the 98's however, the Soul is very good for your needs.



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Thanks for the replies.

mtcyclist, Probably a better skier than me wouldnt have the same problem with H&B/bumps. I will try again. Not really fussed about the look  of the Soul but they are not really a plus for me.

SJ, I will give the Soul a try . Your advice makes good sense. I could use the Nitrous on some days but as I always travel to ski I would probably prefer a one ski solution even with its compromises .

I do intend to try a few skis with an open mind so if you could name your suggestions in both the 100 + and 88/90 classes that would be great.

Thanks Mike

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Not sure what Jim might recommend but the usual suspects in the 88-90mm range are Nordica Steadfast, Blizzard Bushwacker, Line Prophet 90, Elan Apex/888, Salomon Rocker2 90 and Rossi Experience 88.  I haven't skied the Salomon or Rossi but have skied the Prophet 90 and Bushwacker and will be skiing the Elans.  Of those I skied the Steadfast was the clear winner for me.  When you move to the 100mm range the usual suspects don't change a whole lot, Nordica H&B, Blizzard Bonafide, Line Prophet 98, Elan 999, Rossi Experience 98 and Rossi S3.  Salomon doesn't make the Rocker2 in a ~100mm size, the closest is 108 and if you're going that wide then you should consider the Icelantic Nomad RKR.  I have a pair of Icelantic Shamans which I like but I am very seriously considering selling them and getting a pair of the Nomad RKRs.

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Among the 100+ range, the ones that immediately come to mind are....


Armada TST

Head Rev 105

Atomic Ritual


Among the 88-90's....................


Head Rev 90

Dynastar Outland 87

Nodrica Steadfast

K2 Sideshow



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Thanks again.

My demo list :

Nordica H&B (revisited)

Nordica Soul Rider

Line Prophet 98

Nordica Steadfast

Bizzard Bushwacker

Armarda TST


Should be enough variety to find something that works for me.

Hope theres some snow soon to allow this to happen.

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