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what do you call 25 guys watching the World series on television?

The red sox.

BTW....the Lunkers are imploding. Time for the Zen Master to pack up the peace pipe with hippy lettuce and makeum truce between Shaq and Kobe. You think malone is wondering why he walked away from 20 mil?
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yankees lose, rul is quiet-on-schedule, and the usual red sox stuff as response. y-a-w-n.
i loved how a new york times writer, summarizing the world series that the yankees did not win, referred to the marlins as "inferior", a point of view i've seen before from new york sportswriters who may very well be able to prettily string words together but who, generally, betray their lack of sports knowledge * and, in this case, taste, at every opportunity.
the inferior team is the one sitting on the bench (weeping, in some instances) watching the victors - read, superior team - celebrate.

and the yankee fans booing derek jeter... : ...priceless.

re: Malone and the malcontents: his quote today: "You don't pay me enough for this sh*t."

dallas into staples tonight to get what promises to be a weird regular season started.

* some rare exceptions noted

note to self: STOP biting at rul's bait.

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Originally posted by ryan:

note to self: STOP biting at rul's bait.
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