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I just skied a couple days on these socks. With my boot fit, I can only use an ultra-light sock. The Fit Pro's have the stocking fit on the foot and toe but have a little cushion on the heel and shin (none on the calf). I was a little skeptical but I have to say they are super comfortable on my boney feet and shins.  


Made of a blend of Merino Wool, lycra and spandex. they fit super snug with no seams. They have reinforcements in the high stress areas and different pattern weaves as well. The sock's cuff is also shaped to better fit the calf. Some thought went into these.  Although its not really cold yet, these are pretty warm. Noticeably warmer than my current ski socks


MSRP of $22.99.  


Note: sizing is a little different on these. I am just a 10.5 which is technically a XL, I went with the L