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Training Start Gate/Wand

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I'm looking for ideas for building a non-operational start gate/wand for our club team training sessions.  Any ideas are welcome.


The wand doesn't need to actually allow for timing.  Rather, I need a simply and SAFE way to teach/train our young athletes on starts.  Our racers are not high level athletes.  More than anything, I want to develop good starting habits when we set training courses during practice.


One idea would be to use an old timing system... great idea, but we don't have access to one.


Last year we occasionally used a piece of bamboo lashed horizonally to a vertical bamboo.  That worked okay, but I'd like to put together something bit more elegant.


My current thought is some kind of spring loaded hinge mounted to a piece of PVC pipe that I could simply drill into the snow.  But, I'm open to other ideas.


The criteria are that it has to be safe, even for novice racers.  It has to be cheap.  It has to be relatively sturdy.  And, it has to be simple and easy to carry (which is to say that I am often the only course setter setting our training courses... so, easy of carrying and set up are important.)


Thanks, in advance, for the help.

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Go to the hardware store get a light weight sprung gate or door hinge (self closing).  Attach it to your PVC.  Connect the hinge to a gate pole with a couple of medium sized wood clamps, duct tape, or what ever else you might have laying around.  It would almost fit in a parka pocket.


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Definitely on the same page.  Thanks.  Keep 'em coming.

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2x4 with this


and a little stick coming out of it.

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Jzamp:  That is really good.  Many thanks.

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you are welcome! cheap, easy to built, and fix... It won't be the most durable but if it's for kids, I think that is what you were looking for :)

Also you can change it by welding plates to the springs so you get more surface area to fix it to the 2x4.

Ideally I would use a 4x4, weld a square piece to the back of the spring with 4 holes, screw it in with the built in screw. then add 4 extra and zip-ties. It should never come off.

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NIce.  Thanks.

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