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Ski Lease Experiences/Nightmares?

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Hello all.  I'm writing an article about ski leases for those who don't know much about them.  If any of you out there have experience with them could you please share any advice you would have for a first timer thinking about getting into one.  Also if you could share positive experiences with them (anyone meet the love of your life through this) or horror stories.
You can send to me directly or just post a reply here.  If I use your advice/tidbit, you'll definitely get credit in the article.
Thanks in advance!
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The shop I work at does very well with seasonal ski leases, particuarly for junior equipment.


In our shop the way it works, you buy the lease, then you are fitted with boots and skis, They are set up just like your own skis and you take them home and are responsible for them until they are returned by April 1st.  Our shop only leases brand new equipment, but they are entry level gear which is usually good for the kids.  We don't do very many adult leases, but we also use entry level gear there as well.


I am a big fan of leasing for children who are growing as you get new equipment that is sized right for you this year, not next year or last year.  The kids love getting new equipment and I believe it helps them become better skiers.


During the preseason we take the leased gear to the various ski swaps that we partiipate in ususally at the local ski areas and benefit the race team or ski patrol.  We offer good quality used gear at about 50% or more of new.  This way we serve both new and used buyers and feel pretty good about the gear we pass on.


Rick G

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are you talking about leases of equipment or lodging?  

I assume lodging, as equipment isn't really that big of a deep end to jump into that requires an article


And then I suppose there is the aspect of lease sharing versus going in just by yourself.

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I did a seasonal rental the year I started skiing.  It was a great way to get into the sport.  Advice:  rent your equipment early so you don't get stuck with whatever equipment is left over; i.e., equipment that others don't want.

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Make sure you go to a good shop. I worked at a local ski hill for the past two seasons and we constantly had people coming in with skis that they leased from other shops, DIN settings were off and sometimes the bindings wouldn't even fit their boots!


It is definitely worth the time to check out reviews or ask around for the best place to go

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Sorry.  I should have been more clear.  I meant a ski lease for housing/lodging.  Thanks for the thoughtful and informative replies about equipment ski leases.  Maybe a different article on that subject in the future?

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Originally Posted by squawbum View Post

Sorry.  I should have been more clear.  I meant a ski lease for housing/lodging.  Thanks for the thoughtful and informative replies about equipment ski leases.  Maybe a different article on that subject in the future?

I am sure there are horror stories by both lessors and the lessees. This is my only one:

 I leased a condo near Vail on a golf course over a years time.  When I left, I personally cleaned the place and shampooed the carpets.  The place was immaculate.  Despite this, the management company from Avon charged me one months rent (my security deposit) for having to do, among other things, shampoo the carpet thinking that I left the Vail area for good.  I was smart enough to take pictures of the place before I left, but still had to come back to get my money back after suing in small claims court.  Someone told me the management company had their doors and windows glued shut.  I guess I wasn't the only one they tried to screw.


The biggest lease screw-up in the industry is going on right now.  Powdr Corp. managed to send in a lease renewal by mail three days late for the right to use much of Park City Mountain Resort's (PCMR) slopes.  The lessor is United Park City Mines (UPCM), whose majority shareholder also owns Canyons (a competitor).  Powdr has been paying $155,000 as a yearly lease payment, and some opine the fair market value is 10x-15x that amount.   PCMR asked the court for a declaratory judgment hoping that the lease is valid. The company is also pissed off about making approximately $7mm in leasehold improvements if the lease is not ruled valid.  Talisker (UPCM) wants a higher rent, the amount of which has not been disclosed.   In a 50 page ruling the judge dismissed part, but not all, of the suit.  Now the parties are heading to court and the discovery should be very interesting.  What I learned from this is never to make leasehold improvements unless I know how long the lease is guaranteed to last, and to make damn sure letters containing lease payments and lease extensions are postmarked on time. 

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I have a friend in his early 70's who says that it doesn't make sense for him to buy real estate at a ski resort because he will stop skiing due to old age or pass away long before the mortgage is paid off. Instead he leases a place year round even though he only uses the place in winter. By doing this he doesn't have to run around each fall trying to find a place. He also doesn't have to move furniture and belongings in and out every season.

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Lol, interesting story. 3 days late is 3 days late, especially when you got a sweetheart deal. The beancounter who didn't send the check should be fired. Seriously, it seems like that is chump change in the scope they were working at. Just billpay or even postdate a check.

Of unrelated note Guinness famously has a 9 thousand year lease at 45pounds per year. I bet theyhavethat lease paid on time.
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Check the inventory, if anything is missing flag it up straightaway.

Take date stamped photos of every room the day you take over, if anything is tatty flag it up.

When you leave take date stamped photos. If they try to claim loss of deposit because of missing/tatty whatever you can already prove it either wasn't there to begin with or was already damaged.

Not everyone is out to rip you off but for the sake of 5 min checking a list and a few mins with a camera you can save yourself a lot of time later on.

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Who are you writing this article for?
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The question whether anyone met the love of their life through ski-lease makes me think squawbum's interested in tales of group homes? If so, let's put up our feet and grab some popcorn, this should be a looonnng thread. 


To answer that question, no I didn't meet Ms. Right during my group house years, but I did meet Ms. Right NOW! several times.

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Tip: find a place with ensuites and plenty of room to get out of each other's hair.




Tip: Swap with friends. We can squeeze in places from New Zealand to Whistler and way over in Slovakia. Respect gets respect, so treat their place like your own (Ior better) and you're set.

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Thanks so much for your input.  The article is done and posted.  Here is a link:




Thanks again and hope you all have a great season!

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