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Help out a Student ? :D

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Hey all, looking for a bit of help. I'm studying product design engineering and for my 4th year project I'm designing a ski training aid which there are very few of on the market. I've made a quick survey that's to help me validate my idea.
Its only 4 questions, shouldn't take long at all. Would really appreciate it if you could fill it in.


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Filled it out, but basically this site consists of people who already know how to ski and are sort of ski fanatics.  I doubt you're going to find many interested in a "ski product" (in the survey) without some kind of indication what the product is.  Generally here the products used to improve one's skiing are boots, skis, exercise, and beer.  A "ski training aid"?  Like leashes, tip holders?  I'm guessing close to 99% of the members here are beyond that stuff.  You'll have to be a bit more descriptive. 

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Well howie, good luck with your design. Might I suggest that you shift you focus slightly to snowboarders instead of skiers. Snowboarders in general are more likely to be self taught, you can tell by watching them. I think they would find more use for some sort of training aid to help them train.

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but I agree with sibhusky, needs to be a bit more specific than that. take skiers edge for example, it' a useful training tool if it wasn't too expensive I would get one.  SkiA balance block? Not so much... 

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Hmmm...and is this "training" as in "how to" or "training" as in "conditioning"?  I thought of it as a "how to" based on the questions.  A Skier's Edge is more like exercise, not instruction.

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