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Damn Yankees

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Tough to keep a (very) good team down.
Great series and ended as it should have, 7th game, extra innings, two great rivals. Tough to swallow if a Sox fan, but that's how the ball bounces.

Sox don't go away, the Yanks don't either, and a little better at it this year.

Actually caught the game last night with some (surprisingly classy) Yankee fans. A great time till the end.

If we have to lose, at least it's to a team run by Joe Torre.


[ October 17, 2003, 05:52 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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They left Pedro in too long.
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Pedros choices for his next boxing match:

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... irul hit dat rite on de nose!
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for those of you genuinely interested in a "spirited" sox/yanks "chat," i'd suggest tuning into the YANKEES WIN thread at powder.

anyway, whatever, it hurts but THAT WAS A HELLUVA GDMMN BASEBALL SERIES.

[ October 17, 2003, 03:40 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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