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What Year Obsethed are These?

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Can someone tell me what year K2 Obsethed 179 cm these are? 



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That's the 2010, that's the last year that they had a 105 waist with a smaller amount of rocker, before they got bigger and with more substantial rocker.

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Thanks jaobrien6.  Any experience with these sticks?

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Hey Wiscoskier,


As Jaobrien6 said, those are the 2010 K2 Obsethed's. One of the really cool aspects of that ski, was the preset inserts that allows you to mount a Marker Griffon Schizo binding to it, without adding any holes. A lot of times those skis were actually sold with that binding as a package deal. The benefit of that binding, being that you can actually slide your mount position forward or back a few millimeters, depending on your preference that day. 


Overall they're great skis. Again, as Jaobrien6 points out, they're not quite as wide or rockered as more recent Seth Morrison pro models. Still, at 105 in the waist, and with tip and tail rocker, this ski is going to float. Plus, it's going to be a bit more nimble than some of the fatter iterations, so depending on what type of skiing you'll be doing, that could come in pretty handy.


Basically, you'd need to consider what you want from this ski. If you're looking for something that's really versatile, meaning it can handle powder days, as well as the trees and even a bit of hardpack, then you want the 2010 Obsethed. If you're looking for a purely powder ski, you'll want to look for something a bit fatter. Later versions of this ski are more powder oriented, and obviously you also have a ton of other options if that's the direction you want to head.


Anyways, hope this was helpful! You can also find more detailed information about that ski over at its listing on Skiessentials.com!


Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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Matt,  that is exactly the info i was looking for.  I am looking for something in that 98-105 mm range that can, like you say, be more soft snow oriented, but with me mostly skiing here in the midwest could be used on the groomers and the hardpack if need be.  I see that the ones in the picture I posted have the Marker Baron Alpine Touring bindings.  Can I use my regular Alpine boots with theis binding or do I need a different sole?  This would be my first foray into a Rockered type ski so I didn't want something fully Rockered, but something with a little rocker to help with float.


I was also looking at the likes of the Line Prophet 98.  How would the 2010 Obsetheds compare?


Thanks again,


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Glad I could be of help so far! Regarding the Marker Baron, yes you can use your regular alpine ski boots with those bindings. The idea behind them is essentially to provide an alpine binding that can tour, as opposed to a touring binding that you can go down hill with. It's a slight difference in the idea behind the binding, but it makes a huge difference in how it performs (traditional AT bindings are more focused on being light weight for hiking, as opposed to focusing on downhill performance). With that in mind, you can see why that binding would be a great choice to use for touring in your alpine boots.


As far as the Line Prophet 98 goes, I have to admit I'm not as familiar with that ski. From what I know though, I can say that it's going to have more of a lean towards the groomers vs. powder. The  Prophet is slightly narrower in the waist (7mm narrower), meaning it's going to be a bit easier to get on it's edges; something that's ideal for on trail skiing. That said, 98mm in the waist w/ a bit of tip rocker would definitely allow the ski to get into the soft snow just fine. It wouldn't be quite as nice of a ride as the Obsethed when snow totals start getting over a foot, but you'd still be alright for sure.  Also, I suspect that the Prophet 98's have a bit of a softer flex as they use a hybrid sidewall/cap construction, and not a pure sidewall build like the Obsethed. I wish I could give you a bit more info on the Prophet 98's but I'm just not super familiar with them. Sorry!


Hope that helps!



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The '10 obsethed is a relatively soft, playful ski.  Definitely soft-snow oriented, and not exactly a crud buster.  However it's a relatively heavy ski and I think this heft helps smooth out crud just a little bit.  That said, it's much more inclined to ride up and over stuff vs. bashing through it.  It does fine on groomers, provided we're not talking about icy hardpack, but that's definitely not its forte. Overall, I think it's a great soft snow ski for someone who doesn't need a full on powder ski.  A lot of people out here in the PNW used it as a one ski quiver.


As for the prophet 98, that is definitely a stiffer, damper ski than the obsethed.  More capable on groomers and in crud, and correspondingly not quite as floaty and nimble in soft snow.  It's just a different feel, one isn't necessarily better than the other, it's more dependent on what kind of skier you are (talking about style more than skill) and what your preferences are.  Overall I'd say the prophet 98 is a more versatile ski, better suited to a one ski quiver, while the obsethed is definitely more soft snow oriented.

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