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Best Ski Shops in SLC

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Has anyone got any suggestions on great ski shops in SLC or are they all much of a muchness. I am skiing Utah for the first time with my wife in February and staying in Midvale and she needs new boots and I want to get new skis. I am looking for a place with good range, value and advise.

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Deep Powder Haus.  They just opened a new place.  I've had boot work done up in Alta next to Alta Lodge by Brian, most recently adding Intuition liners.  I get boots fitted locally.  Good selection of skis for Utah skiing.


To find other info on EpicSki for boot fitters, try this search using Google: "slc boot fitter: epicski".  Here's one of the recent threads:


Hope you know the info in the articles related to boot fitting and buying skis.


Have fun!

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Sports Den on foothill drive. deep powder house.
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Sport Loft on Highland in Holladay is expensive but they are very good boot fitters. They have the full range of Kästle and SkiLogic skis, as well as some high end clothing.


The Lifthouse at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon on Fort Union (7000 S) has knowledgeable people and they have some pretty good deals especially on last year's skis.


Also don't forget that the folks at REI on 3300 S provide good advice and have reasonable prices (though you can do better).

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