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Conformable Sidas vs Superfeet

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I wanna start the season with custom footbeds this year, so far I've just a few (less than 10 days) on a pair of boots I bought last year. Those two are the only ones I could find on local shops, the shop I bought the boots have the conformable sidas custom as their only custom footbed, another store has superfeet custom footbeds.


I'm leaning towards buying conformable just because I've got good service buying the boots from that shop, but first I wanna hear if anyone has anything good/bad or deal breaker thing to say about one or the other that could make me change my mind!


They both cost about the same at $150.

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probably the biggest can of worms you could open on the boot fitters forum, fitters world wide will argue as to what is the best footbed, the simple answer is the best footbed is the one that works best for your feet and is made well


i am sure others of the board will agree when we say we see a  lot of badly made footbeds, personally i see more badly made conformable product then i do superfeet, simply because over here in the UK pretty much every shop has a conformable machine and every member of saturday staff is allowed to play with it, there is some very well made product out there too, made by the guys who have been doing it for a while and take their time with the process... it is not a race to get it made and out the door, i see great casts ruined by slopping posting!, for this very reason we do not have that machine, we use instaprint and superfeet custom the main reason i have 2 very different custom products  is so i can select a product which will work best for my client and the boot they are using 


so, assuming there is nothing too abnormal about your feet, go with the fitter you trust to do the job and who will back up the work when they have done it.

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It is possible to do an equally good or poor job of orthotic fabrication with any system or combination of materials.


The difference lies in the skill level and experience of the practitioner and how much information they gather before they start melting plastic.



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Okay, that confirmed my thoughts that it really depends on the work and you, no big differences between brands.


Thank you guys!

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