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Did I get the wrong size bonafides?

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I just got a set of blizzard bonafides 180 cm and after reading several other threads and sites feel maybe I should've gone with 187 instead?

I'm 6'0-6'1 195 lbs east coast with an occasional west coast trip. I skied the blizzard magnum 8.1 179 cm for the last two years and loved them on the groomers but I've transitioned from a primarily groomer skier to enjoying tree skiing and bumps. Those boys are tough in tight spaces and don't float well. Last year I tried some demo's had a blast with the Bushwacker in the trees but werent solid/stable enough on groomers and also tried a Rossi S3 (didn't hold well at speed) but couldn't find the bonafides they were sold out most places. The bushwackers needed a little more weight/dampening to them when at speed on groomers. The shop said id love the bonafides for what i describe. I love speed on the groomers amd still enjoy my groom runs but now spend much less time on them (maybe first 2 runs for wam up) and am in trees/bumps more. I didn't want to get the longer length because I was concerned of it being harder to maneuver in tight east coast trees. At the same time I'd still want the stability at speed. I generally have found 180s to be my sweet spot length but keep seeing that the bonafide skis really well at 187 for someone my size. Will I regret buying the 180 or for my purposes will I be ok with them?
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Only one way to know it... ski them! Ott+Wedeln.gif

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If you ordinarily skiied out West then the 180 would certainly be too short for someone your size but you are very clear about skiing Eastern bumps and trees and that makes a big difference. Under those conditions the 180 would be a useful length. Add in the fact the Bone is a fairly beefy ski with a high speed limit and the 180 just might be the ticket. Like Jzamp said - you'll have to ski them to find out.

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I'm an inch shorter and 10 pounds less. I looked over the Bonafide and thought it would be a tad on the long side for a Western all-mountain at 180cm so in my biased opinion 180cm is ideal for you out west. While 187cm would have been better for doing super-G turns in deep powder reality is you're going to run into lots of situations where you're going to need to turn them quickly and you'll be happy you're going to be on 180cm skis. 

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I'm going to go ahead and put in the third vote for the 180cm length. It sounds like the 187 would be skiable for you, but seeing as you ski primarily trees and bumps, something a little shorter will be more manageable for you. And I'm not sure if this is playing into your decision at all... but a lot of the discussion about skiing rockered skis longer is up for interpretation. Sure when you're straight lining a groomer there's less surface area on the snow, but as soon as you lay the ski on edge, or sink into some soft snow, you're back to running the full length. I'd say ski it, and if you really hate them, pawn them off mid season. Just know you probably won't be able to find another new pair of Bonafides until next season! 


-Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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I'm the same size as you ............. I have 2 sets (alpine & tele) of Bones both are 180's........... perfect for anywhere East coast

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Thanks for reassuring words guys, I look forward to finally seeing all the hype about these skis.


Matt @ skiessentials I actually got the skis from you guys and I knew I had to jump on these because last year I came up in January to try and demo and they were sold out everywhere. Thanks for your awesome service! 

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