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Hi - going to ski the Redster 130 Pro this year, but have gone up a size for comfort. I'm coming out of Doberman Pro 130s Which I enjoyed, but can't take a race fit any longer (43 with arthritis and surgically repaired leg). 


Have some... trepidation as the Nordicas skied great, just too cold and low volume. Atomics are a very different flex and heavier - I've been concerned not with skiing, but more in between time. I'm house league coaching and my 2 yr old daughter starting to ski. Read: lots of magic carpet, walking, standing around time


I've been considering getting a softer boot for hacking around: i.e. Skiing with my daughter, walking kids about, standing, etc. Something warmer, maybe more suitable for spring skiing, bumps, etc when we go away. 


Have been looking at the Lange XT 130 due to the walk feature and comfy fit, but feedback on the walk/hike impact on the flex has been only negative.  Thinking maybe RX130 could be an option (just a bit less of a race boot, rubber soles, etc).


I sometimes have issues with leg swelling after some crashes and a surgery. This is my first year going up a full size to accommodate comfort vs performance.


Can I get feedback from the room on:


1.  Redster flex - everyone enjoying it? Critiques?

2. Lange XT - how's it ski?

3. Lange RX - would this be a better option VS the XT?

4. Am I over reacting to a new and very different feeling boot than my Nordica EDT's, concerned about a backup. 


Is the idea of a backup boot just foolish and ski the Redster? Not intending the backup to replace the race boot (please comment on RX130 ability here vs Redster) 


Thanks all who respond - !!