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How many times can a ski be safely stoneground?

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The question came up in another thread re: whether to stonegrind new skis. This started me wondering how many times on the avegrage can you have your skis stoneground safely, assuming an average degree of base scratches and edge dings (no very extensive damage) and assuming a competent tech is doing the work. Does it make sense to stonegrind to change the structure for spring conditions and again the following winter?

As long as there are edges and a base to ski on does it matter that they've been ground down in terms of the actual performance characteristics of the ski? If so how exactly are the skis affected other than the fact that there is less material left to absorb future damage after each stonegrind?
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The shop I take my skis to uses a new Wintersteiger machine and said you can get 12 grinds on a base. Another guy at the shop told me you can actually get about 15 grinds on the new machines because they are computer controlled and put very little pressure on the bases.
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It also depends on the ski , some makes have thicker layer of p-tex or edges. I heard K-2 is thin so you can not get as many grinds out of them.
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When the top sheet starts showing through the bottom of ths ski, they're just about done. (Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!)

Sorry, couldn't resist. Snowed in here 'til the the farmer comes to blow out our driveway, so I've got time to kill.
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I would say you will wear out the ski before you run out of base. Stone grinding is not done that often. I ski will over 60 days a season was doing the season tune thing a few years ago. Every weekend I would drop my skis off on Sunday and pick them up on Friday night, not that they would stone grid them but the ski began to loose it's edge hold before I ran out of base. Now I tune my own skis and may be stone grind one time a season. I touch up our edges every day after skiing with a diamond stone and edge guide. It takes about 15 mins. I'm begining to find out that it dosen't matter what shape the bases are in. All you need are good edges and wax. If your racing base structure may make a difference. But from haviing two racers in Mid VT over the past 6 seasons I'm not sure the bases matter all that much.
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Oddly enough the number of stone grinds is exactly the same as the number of angels, which can dance on the head of a pin. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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I tune over 1000 prs of skis a season and can easily get 15 full tunes provided:
1:Ffill all gouges first or allow fine gouges to remain (they are cosmetic really as no one can feel the difference).
2on't be heavy-handed with the machine's weight.
3:No more than 3-5 passes per ski for ripping and structuring.
I agree than in the past K2 have had notoriously thin bases but current models seem to be much better.
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