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Help with New Ski Choice

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Hi Everyone,


I need some help with a new (or in good used condition from 2012) ski choice.  The basics: 189 lbs, 63 years old, eastern skier, mostly frontside groomers but want to make a foray into  powder (6" or so; not too deep), skill level 7, not too aggressive, ski about 10 days a year, 5' 9".


I'm looking at Rossignol Experience 83 or 88 (which one and what length?); Kastle MX 83 or 88 (which one and what length?); the Elan Amphibio WF xti 83 (length?); or just staying with my Blizzard Magnum IQ 76 (168 cm). I have a feeling that with a little wider ski underfoot, say in the mid 80s, I will have an easier time in crud and light powder and other variable conditions, no?


So the question... which one, if any, and how long?



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Powder skiing in the east basically means that you're skiing the trees.  And what works well in the trees isn't necessarily going to be a good groomer cruiser.


Are you going with a second ski for the powder days or do you want to stick with "one ski for everything"?

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I think everyone has a different definition of powder.  To me it's anything more than a groomed front-side carver.... so shallow powder, deep powder, in the trees powder, etc.  What I'm looking for is an appropriate ski given my ability, age, inclination, etc. that would be good on the front-side with some occasions when I wake up in the morning and want to ski in 3-6 in. of front-side ungroomed powder, or encounter chopped up crud, etc.  I want to feel a little less vulnerable that I do on Blizzard Magnum 76s. The skis I have mentioned are of interest to me and seem like they would be good in variable conditions.  But, in any case, I'm not looking to ski in deep, western powder, although I do get to Vail and Beaver Creek on occasion.  Does this make sense?  Thanks!

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If you like the Blizzard Magnums you have, why not just get the Magnum 8.5 Ti?  Flip-core technology, bit of tip rocker, camber.

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Well, I heard that the Magnum 8.5 ti is stiff.  I think I need something a tad softer and more playful.  And, I'm not even sure that the Magnums are the right skis for me, compared to, say the Elan or the Rosis.

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If you want playful then I don't think you want the Kastle MX series or the Elan Amphibio 82xti. Look at the Blizzard Bushwacker.

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Being an East-coaster who has spent a lot of days on the Magnum 7.6...  I've also spent quite a few days on the MX88.  I'll add a couple thoughts here:


1) I think the 7.6 is a truly awesome front-side east-coast ski.  At your height / weight, the 168cm length is probably too short.

2) The 7.6 isn't a very stiff ski, and East coast "powder" is usually pretty dense stuff.  Meaning it tends to get bounced around a bit.  How much the "getting bounced around" feeling bothers you is probably personal preference.  I've come to accept it.

3) East coast powder usually turns into bump runs fairly quickly, or at least it gets packed down fairly quickly (still leading to a bouncy ride).


So basically you have two choices here:  you can go with a stiffer ski (like the MX88) and treat the random piles / bumps / etc. the way a bulldozer treats an obstacle -- just plow right through it.  Or you can go with a softer, nimbler ski and dance your way through it. 


IMHO, dancing your way through it takes more skill and energy then going with the bulldozer philosophy.

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Thank you. Very good thoughts and comments. What about the Rossi skis?
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I have the E88 in 178 and the E98 in 180.  I am 5'10, 175 lbs.  I would recommend the E88 in 178 for you.  I have been in JH for over 20 years, but came from the east.  I think the E88 would make a nice 1 ski quiver for the east coast as I remember it.  The E98 is not a bad 1 ski quiver for JH.  I got the E88 to be a bit easier to ski in bumps and to use as a tele ski next year.  I have skied it in some powder and crud and it is pretty good there and not bad on early season hardpack.  It's easy to turn and makes a variety of turn shapes.  It is not as powerful as the E98, but seems like it will be much better on hard bumps than its big brother.

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E88 over the E83 for sure. The 88 will turn as fast as you want it to and the extra width makes it more versatile in variable snow. It is a very user friendly ski.


As far as length, I would opt for the 176 given your description.

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Thank you teton and jeff.... I am grateful for your thoughts.  My Blizzard's are in A-1 condition (used about 4 times) so I may swap for a good pair of Rossi E88's at 176.  If you know of a pair you can recommend, please let me know.  Thanks again!

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The Rossi 88 is actually a 178 as Teton stated, not 176 as I did. A buddy of mine has a new one that he may sell if he decides to go with the E98. I'll keep you posted.

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Rossi is offering the E series skis at a great deal right now.  Look around, you should be able to find a discounted pair.

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Hey Michael,


I know this ski hasn't been mentioned yet, but have you considered the Dynastar Cham 87? It's right where you want it to be in terms of waist width, but it has a pretty wide shovel (tip) that's going to help out on days when the snow is building up a bit. Plus, the radius of the ski is pretty low, so you'll be able to make quick turns on trail and in the trees. And unlike the wider models of the Cham series, the 87 omits the layer of metal, so the ski shouldn't be too stiff for you.


Again, I know the ski hasn't been mentioned yet, so I'm not sure how you feel about Dynastar skis, but from everything we've seen, the Cham series performs really well. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your added thought.  I'll give the Dynastar consideration, but I'm pretty wedded to the Rossi as an alternative, assuming I can find an equal trade.  The Blizzards I have look almost brand new.  Happy skiing!

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Hi Jeff,


Thanks for mentioning a possible swap with your friend.  Don't you think 178 is a bit long for me?  My height is probably a little closer to 5'8" (not 5' 9").  Thanks.



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And, can anyone compare the Blizzard Bushwacker with the Rossi e88 (for an intermediate - advanced skier, 5' 8.5 ", 188 lbs)?

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Given your weight and ability, I would think a 178 is okay. It is only 8 cm difference, which if no one told you which ski you were on, you probably wouldn't know the difference either way.


If psychologically you feel more comfortable with a 170, then I would stick with that.


I'll know by next week if my friend wants to depart with the ski.

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Point well-taken.  Thanks.



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Michael, saw these. Decent deal, not great, but not bad. No affiliation.


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Thanks, Jeff.  This was very good of you to forward.  I'm still a tad undecided about the length...178 vs.170. And, with bindings, the total price would be well over $600.  If I can sell my Blizzards at the price they deserve, it will be easier to make a decision.  Thanks much!

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I think all the prevailing advice is that I would be best off in the 178 length, so that's what I'm looking for in the Rossi. (E88).  What condition are the skis in and what bindings are on them?  Thanks alot.  Michael

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ooops I meant the E83.

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Originally Posted by Michaelfahlund View Post

And, can anyone compare the Blizzard Bushwacker with the Rossi e88 (for an intermediate - advanced skier, 5' 8.5 ", 188 lbs)?

Tried both and prefered the Bushwalker on soft snow, in trees and bumps than the rossi...

A guy at a shop told me about the new Nordica FIRE ARROW 84 EDT Evo XL CT that has a new tech for torsion stiffness without  coupled with a more souple shovel...


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