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How to tune skis, CSCF style

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The Canadian Ski Coach Federation has published an eight step video series on tuning skis. Freaking awesome materials--it's even intelligible for a dummy like me. The principles apply for tuning at all performance levels, not just racing. I came across the series as part of the prep for the development-level coach program. 

















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  I like his presentation and the video quality...obviously knows what he's can tell by the ease with which he uses the various tools/files... (every race tuner does it a little different, but the ideas are the same), but (probably for the sake of brevity, I guess?) is a tad vague as far as details are concerned--e.g, most race tuners use a 3, or even 4 file progression (panzer, bastard medium cut, fine cut) on the side edge, for instance (for a new ski, or when changing a side bevel angle).You would use a panzer rough cut 1* more than desired side bevel, followed by the other 2 or 3 files at the desired angle. No mention of a diamond stone progression on the sides, and perhaps less obvious to casual viewers, no mention of the delicacy needed by the tuner when setting the base edge (best done with a fine file, light pressure, and at the most 3 passes, lapped cannot be stressed enough that it is VERY easy to over bevel the base edge! 


  I could go on...Do more research on line, and don't practice on your "good" those for when you get the feel. There's a lot more to a race tune/all mountain tune than this...


  I would certainly advise people, as a race tuner, to not base their race tunes soley on these videos...I would also advise the beginning diy tuner to dig deeper as well...(things like rounding the topsheet and sidewall planing/sanding take a lot of practice to get right, for instance)!



  IMHO, zentunesmile.gif

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  Funny thing is (as a follow up), I'd be willing to bet that he knows a lot more about race tunes than I doeek.gif!   Must be part of a much longer video....

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When he was brushing he had the ski on his left which is unusual for a right handed person. He obviously has a ton of experience and appears to work easily with both hands. Not sure if he meant to do that as it would be normal to have the ski on your right side and as a demo it may not be a bit confusing to some with little experience.
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Originally Posted by zentune View Post

it is a tad vague as far as details are concerned...


The videos are part of a larger module on ski tuning, which is part of the CSCF development-level program. You can access the full course here:


Click DEMO beside Development Level e-Prep, then click Race Ski Tuning. I found the e-prep content to be overwhelming on its own; however, after viewing the videos, the e-prep will make more sense. (it also looks like you'll need to lay out several hundred dollars in tools to tune on your own... sigh)


Happy tuning!

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i look forward to looking at it!'s spendy...more than several hundred for me--hard to justify to my wife;)
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