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Fog resistant goggles

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I've been using Briko Icarus goggles for skiing as I found they fogged less often than other brands.  I can't find Briko goggles anymore so am wondering who has had issues with fogging and found a goggle that performs well?

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Welcome to EpicSki.  The only goggle fogging problem I ever had was at Lutsen Mountain in Minnesota on a day with the humidity was near 100% and it rained/drizzled most of the day.  I've used Smith and Bolle goggles and never had a problem except that one day and I don't remember what brand I was using then, probably Bolle.  Do you wear glasses?  I did have problems with my glasses fogging but decided it was the coating on the lens that was causing it.

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If there's an open space between the skin on the bridge of your nose and the goggles, your warm moist breath may make its way up into the goggles, and voila you've got fog in there.  This is especially likely if you wear a neck gaiter, which guides your exhaled air right up in that direction.  This happens to me no matter what brand of goggle I buy because of the shape of the bone & cartilage under that part of my nose.  Now I always glue a strip of extra foam up in that spot, and the fog disappears.  No breath getting in there, thus no moisture, thus no fog.  This could be your issue.


I cut the foam strip from abandoned old goggles that I save.  Scissors work just fine.  I use rubber cement, I think, or some other bendable glue that is flexible and waterproof when dry.  

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