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Head Titan 177 cm

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I bought these skis the end of the year 2 years ago off the demo rack at Ski Haus at Vail. The guy who sold them to me thought they were probably rented less than 10 days due to their length. I skied them at Vail only probably 20 days since purchasing them. They have the rental binding set up Din goes to 12. I would describe their condition as at least  Very Good both top sheets and bases.


 Would like to price them at $275 plus shipping (US only) . I 'm selling the skis because its a lot of ski for me . I'm 6 ft 168 lbs. and I probably would have been better served with the 170 cm size. The 177cm I think is a lot of ski IMHO better suited for a bigger guy.


I have a pair of Atomic D2 's coming (love the carving stuff!) and got a pair of Head Peak 90's last year which I like alot for Colorado. Assuming there will be soft snowy conditions this year in Colorado!  If anybody is serious I'll get some help posting some pictures.


We have a Paypal account that would be preferred method of payment.

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Pics please!!!  

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I'm 6'2'' 180 lbs. How do you think I would fare on these?
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I don't think you would have any issues turning them on the groomed which is what the ski was really designed to do. I could ski bumps on them OK, but quickly discoverd that they were pretty stiff for that type of terrain for me.


But its hard to say what you're experience and level of satisfaction will be.  I don't ski real fast either and the ski I thought was manageable at "recreational " speeds. 


If you like pretty stiff skis that will make short to mid radius turns on hardpack I think these are excellent  skis. Maybe my bias was that I have a pair of 170 cm SSI Speeds that I thought might be a little short for me that when I went up to the 177cm in the Titan I discovered I actually enjoyed the shorter SS I Speeds more.


That's my $.02. I certainly don't want to miss lead you here but its hard to make that judgement for you.

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Head nominates it as a ski for advanced to expert skiers.  Despite being the widest of the Supershape skis they're still quite a turny ski for that length (a 15 metre radius).  All the skis in the Supershape series have a particular feel - damp but powerful.  The Titans are great for anything from front side carving to a good few inches of chopped up pow and crud.  The KERS system supposedly acts to power up the tail (on a ski that is already on the stiff side) as you exit the turn.  If you hang out in the back seat that'll catch you out a couple of times before you sort yourself out.  I imagine the KERS effect would also be interesting in moguls, although I've not tried them there.  FYI, I'd have already bought these if I lived over there (I'm 6'4" and 210lbs).


You'll need to make a call on your skiing ability.  You could ski the 170 or the 177, but your size seems fine for the 177cm.  Since the longer ski still has a relatively short turning radius you should be ok on the 177, perhaps losing a little slow speed response.  The trade off will be a little more stability in chopped pow and crud. 


Good luck.

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I'm probably around a Level 8 in mid season form, Level 2 PSIA, 18 year old college kid so I like going fast.  I'm mainly on Rossi WC SL's right now but I also have Rossi CX80's.  I'm not crazy about the CX80's and am thinking that I might want something a little more versatile (in terms of radius and being able to ski different conditions) than my WC SL's for the frontside up here in VT (I used to live in OH, they were great there).  Just how turny are they (will they be significantly more ok with busting out some medium to long radius turns than my SL's)?  If I bought these I would most likely sell both of my skis now, but could potentially keep the WC SL's.  

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The Titans will certainly be more forgiving than anything with "WC" printed on them, and will be more versatile around the whole of the hill than your slalom Rossis.


For my mind the CX80 is in a similar space to the Titan, although they have a narrower sweet spot.  Keep in mind this is after discussing the CX80 in some detail with a friend (owns a ski shop) who was on them for a week three years ago, as well as a few other discussions in the same season when they were a popular demo ski down here.  The CX80 came across as a stiff, precise carving tool; a ski with a serious double-metal laminate layup; a ski that wanted to be driven, and preferred to be on edge; a ski that wasn't especially happy for you to relax and just cruise down the hill.  The Titans seem to have a broader design brief - a bit more of an all mountain, all conditions ski at the wide end of a spectrum of Supershape skis.  The Titan will let you relax and stooge around a little, but the KERS will bring the tail to life when you start to get more serious with them.


You don't say what it is you don't like about the CX80s, but everyone I've spoken to about that ski (maybe five people) said the ski doesn't really work at it's best when you relax - you always have to be 'on'.  In that sense it's a ski to ski short (i.e. the 170 rather than the 180).


The Titans are a great all-round ski at a terrific price.  If you like powerful, damp feeling skis and want something with a broader sweet spot than the CX80s I'd say go for it.

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Sinbad, thanks for the feedback.  I would say that I'm usually "on" the CX80's, as laziness is not typically one of my problems.  I really liked the CX80's two years ago, but I've grown probably an inch or two since then and last year I didn't like them at all.  I feel like they are too short at my height and weight to really do what they're good at (I think the 175 would be ideal), and I barely skied them at all last year (I'm thinking it was just a bad tune, but I hated them).  I primarily love railing groomers with medium to long radius turns, so the CX80's are good there, but I just feel the other skis can do this just as well, yet with a little added versatility (skis like the Titan, MX78, etc.).  Also, because I'm teaching and looking to progress through PSIA, I feel like those other skis might be a little better for that.  I'm kind of anxious to get a fresh tune on them TBH, to figure out whether or not last year's bad experience was just a tune or not.  


How would you say that the Titan's compare to the CX80's in terms of edge hold and stability when making the high speed medium to long radius turns?

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Keep in mind I've not been 'on' the CX80 at all, but have discussed them over lunch in some detail.


I would imagine the CX80 is more torsionally stiff than the Titan.  It's just 'up there' in that regard.  It's also quite longitudinally stiff in the tail.  With KERS the Titan can be easier in the tail, allowing the KERS to kick in when you start giving it a workout.  I demoed the Supershape Magnum (with KERS) in July 2011 and concluded the 170cm was at least one size too short for me.  I've not ever had the chance to demo the non-KERS version, so I'm not personally across what KERS brings to the table.  Reading a number of reviews it seems there's certainly a kick at the end of the turn with the newer skis, although you have to be working the ski hard to really notice the difference.


For teaching I think the Titan would be easier than the CX80.  For medium-to-long railed turns I think it's largely a wash, perhaps giving the edge to the Rossis.  It often comes down to the tune (as you mention above).


For reference I own a few pairs of Head skis (as well as the MX78).  I just seem to gravitate in that direction.


[Disclaimer] ... I presently own six pairs of skis, so keep in mind that I'm not really the person to ask "should I buy a new pair of skis?" 


Best of luck.

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Gee Sinbad, you now having wondering what I'm doing getting rid of the Titans! Really gets down to having so many days on the hill and skiing them much anymore. I haven't skied the used Atomic D2 GS I just got. Taking them to Colorado next week. Hopefully I will like them! 


You're absolutely right about the Titan turning radius , lots of fun and I'd say in crud they are good as well.

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I just bought a pair of KERS iSupershapes - 170cm, 66mm waist, with a 12.1 meter radius.  Now that is a turny ski.  Could get interesting in crud though ...


Good luck selling them.

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still have these? pm sent
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Originally Posted by eastskier44 View Post

I'm 6'2'' 180 lbs. How do you think I would fare on these?


Believe it or not, hey'll feel pretty big in the 177... you might like the 170 better particularly if you're thinking of doing your level 3.

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Hmmm... That's an interesting point. I am still very much interested in the skis, but am kind of trying to figure out my quiver for this year. I could either keep my WC SL's and get MX88's or even something wider like Bones or an E98....or sell my WC SL's and buy Titans and also something wider. Still trying to figure things out.
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Still have them?let me know please.


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I'm sory the skis are gone.
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Yep and they got a good home. Awesome ski and Tomm is a stand up guy, excellent
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