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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the 12th Inning

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So, I fall asleep listening to the radio, around 10:15. A's are down one, bottom of the 9th. Wake up a little later, surprised to hear game is still on...10th inning...4-4. Fall asleep again, wake up, game still on, close to midnight, 4-4, 2 out, A's have men on first and second. All of a suddeen, Chowds get caught looking and there is a steal of third. Then a steal of second, followed by a walk to load the bases. Two outs, one strike on the next batter, and he drops a bunt on the third baseman who is playing too deep. A's win, Chowds are crying into their Sam Adams and baked beans.

Too sweet.

Yanks win today.
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Game 2....


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The Sox...going, going, .....
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Shhh. Time to be quiet now.
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I'm rooting for the Sox even if ryan edited out his declaration that Steelers rule (a wise move).
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(nothing personal, Springbok, just my longstanding Cowboy allegiance getting the best of me.

Q is getting the handle on reading the D and making smarter decisions, and Parcells' no B.S. approach seems to be reaping dividends. Not there yet, but going in the right direction.)

[ October 07, 2003, 01:41 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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So queit here... :
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The A's...four years in a row they blow 2up leads in the playoffs. The new version of the underachieving Braves.

Billy Beanball my ass.
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c'mon, rul, ya really serious about the Beaneblame? dude's done very damn well given who the A's haven't been able to keep. same players who got them there are the ones who keep sitting down when it's time to win game three.
Zito was tough tough TOUGH, just made a mistake with one pitch. GM can't help that.
can't make Chavez or Tejada hit, either.

Braves epitomize Underachieving, again no fault of a very good GM.

The playoffs are the regular season turned up a few notches. Everything is intensified, the game changes a little (teams with truly excellent pitching, especially starters, tend to stand out). The A's have the pitching, which is usually the good bet, but these Red Sox pound the ball and there really is no place in the lineup for a pitcher to rest. And you have four or five guys on the Sox who, if they get hot, can carry a team. You get three guys on a roll, Cy Young is gonna have some difficulty.

Repeat: Roger will leave Fenway having been bombed. (THEN the standing ovation.) Look for this in the fourth or fifth, MAYBE the sixth inning.

edit: kinda pedantic? sorry. just "enthused" lately.

I'd look for Soriano to be moved (next year), too. To the outfield or maybe third base. That tends to be a clanky glove he takes out there, and at second base, those errors will kill a team.
I'd be very, very surprised to see New York go quietly. They have clutch players (Jeter, especially) but with Bernie Williams not doing much - knock on wood - and Giambi struggling, it could be difficult. I know way better than to say it's done, though, 'cause it ain't. Not even close. This will be a battle and baseball benefits from it.

Hope the Cubbies get there.

[ October 09, 2003, 11:45 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Pettitte showed me some fortitude.
On to Boston.

[ October 10, 2003, 06:14 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Am I the only one confused by the NASCAR sounds Fox is using for baseball? Please tell me why there is the sounds of a car passing me when they go to/from a replay?
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