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I started skiing at age of 4 and skied through college in the mid atlantic (poconos).  I am getting back into it after 20 year absence.  My prior ability was an advanced but not expert skier.  I never raced, but could do any slope under any condition. I am 6'1" and 190-200 lbs.\ and my last set of skis were Atomic Arc Team Bionic Slalom skis in 200cm.  I was only 180 lbs back then and memory serves me that they were very fast and carved well in ice, but took alot of effort to get around.


I would like something just a bit more relaxed and maneuverable, but don't want to give up the ability to go fast with confidence.  All mid atlantic day trips, mostly ice and groomed.  I just want a good all around mid atlantic ski for cheap (not used) and when my chops get up I may upgrade in future when I know more. has a few good sets on closeout:


Salomon Tornado XT 

Fischer Motive 78

Atomic DD vf73


I called and was steered towards the Tornado XT.  This is in a 175 and I wonder if it is long enough?  I also like the Fischer Motive 78 because it is a wood core.  I was also recomended the vf 73, but I don't want to buy a composite ski.  I want wood (superstition or whatever.)


Is the Salomon Torndo XT or Motive 78 in 175 enough ski for my weight?  I like the ability to wind it out on some slopes and dont want the skiis chattering and wandering.  (I am losing weight and should be 190 by end of December.)


There are plenty of reviews on the Tornado Ti, but almost nothing on the XT.