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For your information: running length.  You can extrapolate for different sizes: if the MX88 168cm has a 141cm running length, it is a good bet that the 178cm version of the same ski is 151cm.  As far as stiffness, the RX12 is the stiffest of the bunch, MX83 2nd, MX78 3rd, MX88 4th, FX94 5th, LX92 6th, BMX98 7th.


all surfaces measured to where the skis would be touching if de-cambered, which is the point on the edge where you would stop engaging the tip on firm snow, except for the rockered BMX98. ON that, I measured to where the major rocker point starts, which is still the point where the tip edge engagement ends on hard snow, unless skis are cranked way over.



RX12 168cm           147cm      

MX78 168cm           144cm 

MX78 178cm (176)   152cm     

MX83 173cm           148cm      

MX88 168cm           141.5cm    

LX92 174cm            148cm

FX94 176cm            150cm

BMX98 178cm         149.5cm