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Ski recommendation

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im Brazilian and im going to be in park city (jan15-feb20) just to ski.

Im a bigginer-intermedary and i would like to buy used skis.

im 6'0 and 210lb.

So, i just want to spend 400-500 dolars in skis and boots. What should i do? buy a regular used ski on ebay and a decent boot when i get in park city?

And what skis specs should i look for?


Im sorry for the engelish, im still learning.

Thanks for the help.

Igor Van Der Put

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oh and i dont ski a lot.

i would like to buy cause i think it would cost almost the same if i rent 30 days of ski and boots.


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Wellcome to EpicSki!  You are lucky to be going on such a long ski vacation.  How often do you get to ski at home?  What length ski have you used before?


Have you looked at the articles here?

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well the first time and only time i ski was in 2011 in park city. i used a 173 volkl i think, and i liked.

We dont have snow in brazil, so we go to chile or argentina. So i will probably ski only once a year.

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Do you intend to keep your gear and take it home?


You can find a shop that offers  what's called a "season lease" which should be around $200-$300, and allow you to try different skis as you learn over your long vacation.  This will be especially good for beginner/intermediate as you do not want to purchase those skis.  It will also give you a chance to go back and change out gear that you don't like.


If you are more serious, then please read the articles. The next stage up is to buy new boots which is the most important piece of ski equipment, and somewhat custom to each skier, then continue with the lease/rental of just the skis.


Next, you can demo different skis, then buy something new (or used).  Many shops offer a program to allow you to rent for a few days and then apply your rental fees towards your final purchase (usually at the full advertised price).


Unfortunately I am not certain which shops may have the best season lease program.  You should call shops to ask if they offer such programs as it may not be on their websites; and or ask about any options regarding purchase before showing up. 

They will definitely have something similar or a discount if they know you are planning to rent for long period of time

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Yes, i want to carry the gear with me.

Ive been reading a lot of forums about boot and ski but i still not sure what is the best deal.

but the thing is i dont want to spend a lot of money on gear, and if i have to spend 300 dolars on rental i think would be ok if i spend some extra dolars and buy it.

I undertand that i have to buy a good par of boots, does it cost 200 dolars??

And if i find a decent 2011, 2012 skis online for about 300,400 dolars would be a good deal?

I mean, it is better to buy regular skis or rent it?

Dont know if i guys understend it.


sorry for the poor English guys

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A good pair of boots fitted to your feet, you should expect to budget at least $400.  


There is no point in buying a cheaper boot that does not fit well.  You may have pains on the slopes and ruin the whole vacation.  The articles will tell you one of the most important things in skiing is having a good boot.  So if you are going to spend money you need to be prepared to spend more money.


Skis and bindings, you should budget finding good used skis for $300 and maybe $400 for new skis(but 2011,2012).  Lower quality skis you can get for less.


My advice would be that you will have either increase the budget (at least for boots) to buy and you can still rent skis;   So I think you will need to budget approximately at least $600 to pursue your plan to buy.


Or if you cannot afford this, then go with season lease or long term rentals that I mentioned.  Again if you start calling shops, you will find one who can work with you to offer you a good deal on longer term rental (especially for beginner and int. skis, and not expensive demo skis).    I would expect to pay only $250 or less, but it will take some work for you to talk to shops to get a good one (that also gives you decent equipment).

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Thanks a lo for the help.

Ill be looking for rentals with long term rents.

I dont think i can spend that much right know. The season pass is already 600$ and still have to pay for housing and food.

But thanks again for the advice.

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Hi Igor!


First, your English is much better than my Portuguese!  (I don't know a word of Portuguese.)


Here's a link that may be useful to you --  It appears that you'd be here during Value Season.  In Salt Lake City, you could get a "performance ski rental package" as low as $14.40 per day.  If you will have a rental car, you could drive back to Salt Lake City to swap out items if you needed to.  If you won't have a rental car, it would be a little more difficult but it may still be worth it to rent off-site simply due to the much lower daily cost.


There may be other rental locations with even better rates or packages.  I just did a quick search and thought that one might get you started.


Hope you have a great time in Park City!

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