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Speaking of old GTO's..must be a year or so ago..I was inline waiting TOO long at a store..grabbed..can't remember now..R&T?..anyway..the original..64 "Bobcat" that WAS allowed..(even though Pontiac had a HISTORY of cheating and getting caught)The Royal "Bobcat" (Royal was the dealership)that set this thing up..the modifications were "allowed" as "super tuning"..
"Stock" 389 3x2..this thing was BLISTERRING fast..stupid fast..0-60 in the 4's..4.2 I think..quarters in 13.1..high 12's with slicks.

This was the performance of legend..ALMOST the beginning of the muscle car era(that honor goes to the 442 of I think 64..before it was actually a 442..manufacturers bid/produced for Police car contracts..some had performance requirements.Olds took an F85 sedan..put in a h/d package..engine etc..actually I think it was a "handling package" called FE2..somehow the term 442..meaning 4 barrel,4 speed(even though the first ones were auto's) 2 dual exhausts...442..they thought this killer cop sedan was the way to go.Next the public.

"Say it ain't so Joe"..ONE of those things I wish I NEVER knew..true..NONE of those GTO's were ever that fast..NO-ONE ever duplicated THAT performance.

The guy in charge of the "Bobcat" program..came clean..after almost 40 years.

It was NO 389 in "That" GTO(Royal "Bobcat")

It was indeed a tri-power 421..

BOO HOO..broke my heart..

Had my 442 W30..oh well..
post #32 of 57 wasn't actually the guy in charge of the "Bobcat" program..although this could be debated.BUT the p/r guy at GM who admitted that he was responsible for the fraud...for the 421 ending up in that car in the first place.My take is that EVERYONE involved must have known..How could they not?
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Now you are making me feel real old.

Royal Oak Pontiac in Royal Oak Michigan .... the Car & Driver boys calimed that RO had been getting all sorts of "test bed" stuff .... they had an "in" at GM and were the unofficial proving ground before the general public or any other dealers could have a go.

Aluminium GTO ..... The car that Pontiac claimed never existed. Only problem with that was that I saw one. It was the year after I (escaped) from the military. It was at an American gas station on Mulberry St. in Trenton NJ .... I'm pretty sure it was a 64, light metalic blue. The car was for sale and I had driven by several times but never stopped, mostly because of the color ... "Mom's" drove light blue cars. When I finally did stop, I expected the car to be pretty reasonably priced since it sat for sale for awhile. Exactly the opposite .... the car was darned near twice the price ... I don't remember the numbers but it was probably in the neighborhood of two thousand.

I balked and kind of asked the guy (I thought he was actually delusional) ... "why so much" .... he handed me a magnet and said .... "cause that's the car that Pontiac says doesn't exist".

My other big fu ... up was turning down a "mouse rigged" British "sports car" for $650 .... I was in high school in 1967. Some dullard had rigged this thing with a Hurst shifter and yanked out the British motor ... I had no clue what kind of original motor it had in it but I ...... the F.... know it all that I was .... having read all bout Triumphs and stuff, had never even heard of an AC Bristol. Much less putting a 260 V8 in it .... heck all of the real rodders had at least a 289!

This car languished aroung the Trenton (NJ) area for quite awhile. With the 260, it never commanded that attention that the big block Vettes were getting. It sat in front of a Photo-Mat place with a for sale sign on it forever. :

Oh! .... If I say "go left" .... go right ...
And .... If I say "duck" ...... don't ... jump.
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I worked in an Olds dealership in 64. The first 442 had a 330 CID V8 with 4 Barrel, 4 Speed and Dual Exhaust. There were no automatics.
In 65 we were waiting for the new one but they didn't release it untill mid-year. The 65 had 400 CID, 4 Barrel and Dual Exhaust. The automatic available was the 2 speed one with an electric "switch pitch" torque convertor.
One of the guys who worked in the office got the first one and we ran it at Union Grove and Byron that summer in Stock class with "cheater" slicks. We put in the 4.33 posi optional rear and "wedged" springs until it came out straight. He never lost to a GTO(the Tri-Carb ones were a different class) and brought home a lot of trophies.
Another friend of mine had a 66 442 with the optional Tri-Carb setup. He had some problem with the engine and when we ordered the replacement we made a "mistake" and ordered the Toronado 425 short block(only the last number was different by one number)(1 vs 2 or something like that)That went in along with the new optional Ram-Air cam that had 324 duration and over 100 overlap and he won a few drag races too.
A customer bought one of the "bare bones" F 85 coupes with Tri-Carb, Ram Air and 4.33 posi. I think the Sticker was $2900+. He used to do quite well "street racing" at the Des Plaines Oasis he told me.(I met a ski-dad who used to race there and he remembered it)
My new "ride" is an Alfa Romeo 164 L that my sister gave me.
It has paint damage it recieved when it spent two months in the Meryll Lynch parking garage after the Sept 11th attack.(she had it on the street but couldn't get away and put it back in)

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Audis are fun! Believe it or not, my 2000 S4 is cheaper to operate than my Jeep was! Ohh yea, and its quick. Only problem is getting a pair of 190's in it is kinda tough!

Here's a pic:

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Alfa has an arm rest in the back seat that folds down and lets you put them through from the trunk. There's a bag that goes around them as you push them through.
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One of the guys a work has a 164 that is passing the 200K mark, it looks like hell now but it's his baby!

Took my 13 year old for a ride in an 02 Vett a few weeks ago .. we were shopping for a new (used) truck. He hasn't been the same since. "Dad let's sell the Volvo" .... I know that I created a monster with that ride.

I still have my heart into a TVR with a conversion to a 289 though.
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Most "Alfisti" are like that. Mine has 119,000 on it and is still quite a nice ride(a little quirky though)
The car my sister replaced her 164 with is a Volvo S 60R. 300 HP, Turbo and All Wheel Drive. Quite a nice car.
There was apiece in Auto Week about the TVRs a few issues ago. I guess there are less than 500 of those 280i types in the US. The one at my shop is the one on a TR 6 chassis. The lady with the 280i turned down an offer from a friend of mine who wanted to do the same as you. I guess she was born in Blackpool and has some sentimental connection to it.
Oh yeah, check out my post on Indy in the F-1 thread about my experience with the Corvette engineer. Page 7 I think?

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Just sold my BMW M6...I will miss that car

How do you add a pic here?

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The Audis I drive (the one on jackstands above and a V8 sedan) have the ski bag feature. Tips go into the front seat (or used to when I skied on 207's) and tails are in the trunk. The nice thing about the bag is that it retains the runoff when snow on your skis melts from the warmth of the cabin. There's a little tube to empty water out. Cars with fold-down rear seatbacks just get wet from the snow.
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I had a bunch of "Traversetites" at my camp last week. Neil Barckel coached and the were Brownings, Riders and Appels.
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Like Kneale, I'm also a "quattrophile".

1991 200q20v Avant
1986 4000csq

Sadly sold in the last year:
1991 200q20v Avant
1991 200q20v Avant
1983 Ur-quattro

Got quattro?

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Kneale: God! It's amazing how much weight a plastic lawn chair can take.

Slatz: If the gal from Blackpoole was willing to part with the car at a reasonable price ... I would be willing to love, honor and maintain it in original condition. I'd stroke it's little Dunlop tyres and car-ess it's bonnett with only the purest of natural waxes. Like the Brit's, I'd maintain a log of every purchase and incident .... right down to changing the ayre in the tyres ...

.... Honest! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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A friend of mine tried that. She won't let it go. She's about 70 though so there may come a day when she doesn't want it. I don't think I'd hold my breath though.
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Slatz, I don't know those Traverse names. When I was a kid here in Traverse, I knew almost everyone, but that was in the 1940's. Been a little growth since then.

Exit, I presume you're familiar with the e-mail lists associated with Great information for DIY Audiphiles.

Yuki, it's amazing what a little photographic alignment can do, eh?
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Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
The Audis I drive (the one on jackstands above and a V8 sedan) have the ski bag feature. Tips go into the front seat (or used to when I skied on 207's) and tails are in the trunk. The nice thing about the bag is that it retains the runoff when snow on your skis melts from the warmth of the cabin. There's a little tube to empty water out. Cars with fold-down rear seatbacks just get wet from the snow.
Yea, I have one of those, but those get a little tight with more than one pair of powder boards into that thing. I'm putting a Yakima on top one of these days.
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You'll take a hit on that car's economy with the Yakima (I presume you mean a box) on top.

We drove the V8 out to the far end of Long Island (1,000 miles from MI) with a set of Yakima bars and a flat bed fastend on top to carry a blanket chest I made for a niece's wedding present. The car usually gets about 23 mpg at ~80mph on expressway driving. Got about 14 with that box on top. It wasn't very aerodynamic, of course, but on the return trip with just the 1-inch thick platform on the bars, we only got 17 mpg.
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I have a 1992 Honda Civic Si with 196,000 miles on it 4000 miles ago we installed a Apexi turbo kit. It now makes 185hp and 152ftlbs at the wheels with 7psi of boost. The kit is capable of adding another 100 hp. It has a full body kit, been lowered 1.5 inches, Carbon Fiber wing, Skunk 2 short shifterand rear lower tie bar, 15" Rota Circut * wheels with Kumho tires.

I have tried to get a photo of it here but can't seem to get it to work. photo at, in the album link look for Rota92's photo's.
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I've got a Saab 9000 turbo I'm thinking of using as a "donor" for my X1/9. There's a series of articles in Hot Rod about turbo conversions right now.
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Wow a Saab 9000 turbo into a little X/19 that's going to be a wild ride.

I find that with the cold weather my Civic has serious traction issues. The X/19 is going to be sick!
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Just the turbo and engine management. The Saab motor has a blown head gasket and 160,000 miles.
Still should be a good ride.
What I'd really like to find is a 16 valve head for the X1/9. I saw a FIAT Brava S in Ireland that had one in it and it was exactly the same block(even had a plug where the distributor goes on mine).
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Check out this years Italian Team speedsuits. They're Italian racing red with an Alfa Romeo logo on the sleeve. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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i have an 89 supra with a 1jz (2.5L DOHC I6 twin turbo) that i'm tinkering with [img]tongue.gif[/img]

and a volvo v70r
and a volvo 850 t-5

melloboy [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm not familiar with the engine in that 89. With twin turbos it must be a V 6? Origionally that Supra 6 was a Japanese copy of the JagUar DOHC 6.
Like tha Landcruiser(FJ 40) six was a copy of the old Chevy "Stovebolt" 6.

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If you're reading this thread, I'd like to make a late change to my Christmas list.
I've decided that Kylie might be a bit much for you to get for me, so I've made it simple... I want this instead
Saw one on TopGear last night (a pre-production model) and I want one. Only £104k (about US$175k) and worth every penny.
I've been a good boy, Santa, so I don't think it's too much to ask for.

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Have you been THAT good?
You deserver it
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Originally posted by SLATZ:
I'm not familiar with the engine in that 89. With twin turbos it must be a V 6? Origionally that Supra 6 was a Japanese copy of the JagUar DOHC 6.
Like tha Landcruiser(FJ 40) six was a copy of the old Chevy "Stovebolt" 6.
Actually, it's an inline 6. 3 cylinders/turbo, 2 turbos on one side of the engine. i think the supra engine you're talking about is the one that was actually sold stateside (7mgte). The 1jz was redesigned from the ground up. The head was designed by yamaha because of their experience in bikes and stuff. The engines in the newer supras have a 2jz which is basically the same engine, but has a longer stroke to become a 3L engine [img]smile.gif[/img]

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