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Sun Valley Conditions Update

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We opened Thanksgiving Day with the River Run side open top to bottom on manmade snow and a number of other ungroomed black and blue runs up top open, although the runs up top had quite a few bushes sticking through the surface. There was even powder to be had up top for the first day or two.


We are now in the middle of a warm storm cycle which has resuted in about 24" of new snow up high over the last few days, although it has been raining at the bottom and in town.


Warm Springs side of the main mountain and other runs have just opened which result in about 70% of the main mountain being open. Seattle Ridge and the Bowls will probably not open until mid-December, which is normal and more related to staffing than snow cover.

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Five or six feet of snow up top in the last week. Bowls open tomorrow.


Still thin at bottom due to rain.

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Sounds pretty nice for early season. If we'd booked one of those early season lodge packages it would have paid off, but alas.

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How are the bowls going? Most of them are open now! I'm looking forward for next weekend, will be there Sat through Tue. Unfortunately not much snow expected for this week. But they are pretty much open... any idea about opening the adventure trails?

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The bowls are open and skiing good. Seattle Ridge will open the 14th. Don't know about the adventure trails, but suspect at least some of them (higher up ones) about the same time.

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