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Hem length for ski pants

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I've got some new ski pants and need to shorten them. If picking exactly where to put the hem, what would you measure by? A slight break over you instep or higher?

The pants are Millet Golden Axe and I'm definitely not looking for a baggy park look.
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My new ski pants are too long for my short legs but they are ok when I'm wearing my ski boots. It is when I am in my street shoes that the hem drags on the ground at the back of my shoe and will undoubtedly lead to premature wear. So i will have them shortened by 2.5".

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Are they too long when wearing ski boots?  Only when not wearing ski boots?  Depending on who made them there may be a "short" version available.  Both Patagonia and Outdoor Research have this for some of their pants.  I would guess there are others that offer this also.

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baggy park look has more to do with your rise (crotch) rather then the length of the legs. 


Agree with the advice to be sure to measure in your ski boots.   There is no given rules of style here, other than they shouldn't be so low that they will drag under your boot on on the ground, and so high that they leave a gap above the boot where snow gets in.  


You're in boots and have a huge range there.  

I think ideal max length is where it hits the top of the boot exactly flat, with no break, or even a bit shorter then hitting the top of the boot.  Snow can collect in a break, so you want it to flow easily off.  So definitely no break or shorter.


Then, the ideal shortest length is if you are shorter than the top buckle it's probably too short.   

So a huge range in between there.  


Be sure to also flex/sit etc, and see how the pants are rising up under those conditions.  It shouldn't be exposing the top of your boot.


Maybe a cm up from touching the top of the boot if you want a precise recommendation.  It'll also account for any shrinkage if that happens to occur when you eventually wash the pants.


The difference from no break to halfbreak is far too precise for ski wear.  If you're going through the trouble of hemming, it definitely shouldn't be so much material that you have any folds or bunching in the material of the legs.  (many people don't hem their pants, and do fine with extra bunched up material in the pants)

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Thanks raytseng; I am talking about where it hits the boots, not my feet or street shoes. I hadn't thought to bend and move to make sure they don't come up too high; will do that.

I was planning to go with something that came in a shorter length, or going custom, but that wasn't in this year's budget. Then I saw a great deal on these.
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