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Is the world ready.....

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for a Cubs/Red Sox World Series? It would be a sad day because one team would have to win and it's fans would lose their identity.
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Be nice to see the Cubs get in but if they do, and my Sox are there, too... DIE CUBBIES, DIE!!!
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Which playoffs will the Sox fold in? Bets?
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Originally posted by Lucky:
Which playoffs will the Sox fold in? Bets?
A more interesting bet will be what will the play be that goes down in infamy as costing the Sox the playoffs? Will is be an error on a routine fielding play, an errant throw, a base running mistake or a stupid pitching move by the manager. Maybe they'll venture into new territories like a missed sign on a hit & run or an over-anxious fan reaching out and turning a triple into a ground-rule double. Whatever it is it will be better known by future generations of Bostonians than the Battle of Bunker Hill.
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I guess someone watching the Mariners would know about folding.

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That's Buckner Hill, Rio, that we can't easily forget.
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