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Ski recommendation

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In february i plan to ski in the park city area and rent my skis from a shop that carries mainly Salomon. Last year i tried out Salomon xwing storm 168cm skis and really liked them but no one has them for rent this year. I was hoping for a recommendation in a demo salomon ski for me. I am a intermediate skier. I want  a ski that is light because i only ski a few days a year and get tired so lighter the better i think, and a ski that is  responsive and turns well without a lot of effort. I generally will stick to groomed slopes sking mainly blues with a occassional black. I am a good skier but i don't like a fast ski and just want to take it easy going down while being in control at all times. Thanks for any recommendations.

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This doesn't address your specific question, so feel free to ignore it...but, last year I rented from Utah Ski & Golf, and not only were they cheap, but they had a lot of different skis by different manufacturers.  I would not say the skis were maintained in racer-shape, but they were definitely reasonably tuned and I changed out 5 times in 5 days.  Nice to test-drive different models from different makers.

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As you dont ski many days, and you said you dont want to go fast (yet :-P), I would say Rossignol Experience 74 or Alias 74, or something similar. Its friendly and light


The all look like this:


If you want to rent, I would not worry so much, the shop should be able to provide something as fun as the salomon you got used (help them by explaining you would like a light ski, probably no metal, piste oriented, with a bit of tip rocker if possible, about 75 mm waist width ). I understand that you want exactly the same very model in which you improved more or felt more secure, but as you get more days on the sticks you will ski just as well, no matter what ski.



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Thanks for the recommendation.

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