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Left or right skis?

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After doing seasonal rentals for a few years I just bought some Atomic Smoke Ti's/171 with XTO bindings. This probably sound silly but my rentals always had a sticker which identified left vs right ski. Don't see any identifying marks on the Atomics? Is there a difference between (or such a thing as) a left vs right ski?
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Not functionally, not anymore.


Graphics wise there maybe. In the "old days", the reason for this was the binding could be set slightly different because boot soles were not always the same size/shape/condition. This goes back to the leather ski boot days.


Modern boots have DIN spec sole/binding interfaces, so they are the same and will work in either of your skis assuming they have been set up properly.


Enjoy your new skis! biggrin.gif

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Left right ski issue.


Rare  in a rental ski.


But on my skis ,,YES  I have a right and left ski.


Want to start a long long "debate",,,,here comes one.


When you buy a skis there are no right and left, however if you want to get most of your skis both in terms of time and performance top level tuners do mark L and R ski.


I tune my skis in varied ways. That is depending on type of ski, type of conditions and desired performance I tune my skis "differently". There is no "set rule" . ( I am sure many will provide "guidelines" )


Each skier/tuner discovers what is best for her/him.


Hopes this helps you.



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Thanks! Now I can stop looking for an "L" or "R" on the skis. Can't wait to get em out on the snow.
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Originally Posted by the10580 View Post

my rentals always had a sticker which identified left vs right ski.


Did you ski at Red Lodge Mountain?  All their rentals have those although nobody could ever tell me why.  So, at the start of each beginner lesson I would explain to everyone that they should ignore those stickers, otherwise the students were wasting time cleaning snow off so they could read it.

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It is a practice for some shops to put left and right stickers on skis.


It is done mostly to use as a reference point if there is an issue with the bindings.  In a few cases, the toe or heel piece may have a different release value than that of the other ski.  A shop could document the occurrence. 



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If your skis are canted, it is an absolute requirement for the skis to be marked. 

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I have R and L skis.  After lunch I switch them, R on L, L on R.  This way, I ski on a fresh inside edge which feels like the skis have been tuned.  It also evens the wear on the edges, slightly increasing their life.

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There are a few skis like the Elan Amphibio which are designed to have a left and right, but this is rare.

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