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Bike question..

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Hi..I'm way out of the loop on road bikes..I do have an older one though..BUT I spend almost all my time on my hybrid/mtn..
Anyway..the other day I came across a road bike that was simply too cheap not to buy..I don't mind if I end up throwing it out/selling it/some parts.
My question is..is this thing worth even fixing..ie returning to it's original state?How much is this thing worth? About how much in parts to fix it..

It is a Cannondale..FULL Campag.Hubs,quick release,cluster,brakes,crankset.Mavic rims.
The bad now..the frame..one of the rear rails..has a bit of a munch..this can be repaired properly for $20.
The rear wheel needs to be relaced..I can do this.
It is missing a few small brake parts.(Cables and the through bolts.)
There are no deraileurs..I'm sure I can simply put some on.

Thanks very much for any help..
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A couple years ago I purchased an old Trek because it was too good to pass up and I needed (wanted) a road bike. I started with down tube friction shifters and a 6 spd cog. The original rear wheel would only allow for an upgrade to a 7 spd cog. I traded a friend for a new wheelset that allowed me to move up to an 8 spd cog. The friction shifters would not work with a 9 spd cog. I eventually had enough money to upgrade to STI brake lever indexed shifters. That allowed me to move up to a 9 spd cog. I have a bike good enough for entry level racing. I actually get an occassional comment from other bike nerds that recognize the older Trek frame.

I must admit I am keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a stiffer frame and fork. For now, I am very happy.

Get out and ride, ride, ride. Let your experience on the bike determine your upgrades. Don't go looking for what is wrong. Appreciate your ignorance and just enjoy the opportunities to be outside riding.
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I don't recall Canondale coming with Campy components, so your bike must be old. Do you know which gruppo? How many speeds? That could tell us the relative age of the frame. Does it have CAAD painted anywhere on it? what's the number that follows?

What do you mean by "rails"? Seat/chain stays? Twenty bucks sounds pretty cheap to fix those. You can find good used wheels. Once you know which gruppo you have, so should be able to find matching derailers pretty easily. Have fun!
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I was selling Cannondale bicycles in the eighties; in that timeframe the dealer received bare frames and component/wheel boxes from Cannondale. Because the road frames were all the same at that time, the store that I was working for would sometimes alloy a buyer to pick their frame color of choice to go with their chosen component group.

In 1984?, Cannondale offered their top-end road bike in a very attractive ice blue color with either Campy or Dura Ace groupos. I bought the Dura Ace bike - which came with the first generation six speed, indexed shifters; my brother still has the bike. I sold the Campy version to a good friend of mine, which I believe he still has as well. If either of these bikes have 2000 miles on them I'd be surprised.

At any rate - and I'm confident my memory is less than perfect on the details - I think the Campy groupo was a mix of Nuevo Record and Super Record.

The chain stays and seat stays on the early bikes were so beefy that a 225 pound coworker used to demonstrate the stiffness of the rear triangle by laying a bare frame on the floor and standing on the dropouts. It was pretty impressive at the time. My point is this: if there is a legitimate problem with either the seat or chain stays, take the frame to your local Cannondale dealer and tell them you want to make a warranty claim. Cannondales were (are?) offered with a lifetime warranty - and I could be mistaken - but I don't think the small print required proof of purchase. Otherwise, I would be very leery about the plausability of a competent repair. :

Hell, you might just get yourself a brand new frameset, but don't hold your breath.

Ride well,

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Thanks a lot guys!...APPARENTLLY bikes changed since my late 60's days of Bottechia's,Legnano's and Cinellis..I still have an old Schwinn..an old 531 frame with a Cinelli headset,Stronglite crankset,Fiamme rims,the high flange hubs elude me now....I can't remember what derailleur I have on it..maybe a Campag..or an old Huret..or a Simplex..I may have even slapped on a Suntour from my Appollo..could be Record?oh yeah and a newer Raleigh.. just a trifle of a bike compared to my 531..This stuff just collects dust as I ride my mtn..
This Cannondale thing is outta my league..no it does not say CAAD..it is pretty much all red..with some blue..

It's the seat stay that has a munch..there is no paint chipping/external blow..Idno..how it happenned?..overloaded/twisted/wreck....weird..cause the rest of the frame has hardly a mark anywhere on it..rest of the frame/forks look perfect...not that bad..it looks rideable/aligned..but will definitely have to be cut/welded..I can confidentally cut/jig it up/do it..but I know a pro welder/fitter/machinist..that will fix it for me for $20.He likes doin' this stuff..for a bit of cash.I'ld rather he do it.Actually from my automotive machinist days..I have 5 friends that are welder fitters,3 welder fitter machinists,and 4 welders..so fixin' it is easy..BUT I/G..HEHEHAHA..THANKS A LOT!..If Mr.Cannondale wants me to have a NEW frame..then I shall so see!!I never even wouldda thought of that..AND there is a Cannondale shop not far from me!THANKS!

The rear cluster is an 8 speed..front 2..

I/G looks like you're right..this thing looks like a bare Cannondale..with EVERY single component..including the seat post..Campy..

I think I'd really have to ride one..or one close to it..before..I sunk money into it.
I still vividly remember my Bottechia..and my Legnano..AFTER I built my last bike..I never even got on them again..sold them instantly..never missed them.

Thanks again!
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