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Beginner traveling with great skier

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I’m a beginner. My lady ski’s exceptionally well and has skied mostly powder in Japan. We are located in New York and want to go to Utah during the first week of January. I have only skied on the East Coast.


She is really supportive and we have been doing split days. Mornings I go for lessons or practicing alone while she goes off and does her own thing. In the afternoons, she spends them with me reviewing what I learned, making suggestions and challenging me further up the slopes.


I need suggestions for a resort in Utah where she can be challenged and have fun at her level, while I can do the same at my level. We do want to stay in one location and I do plan on taking some lessons. There is great information on the site about the various resorts, but I am looking for first hand suggestions.


I’d appreciate any suggestions and advice. Thank you all in advance.

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depending on how good you are as a beginner I would recommend Snowbird.  My wife is a beginner though and I didn't think she could handle much as snowbird as I notice that most greens would be considered blue back east.


Alta next store is nice as well as the Park City resorts even though I wasn't a big fan of pcmr myself.  


while solitude might be good for you I don't know if there is enough there for your friend. 


The nice thing about utah is there is enough places for everyone that is close to slc

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If you are able to ski gentle intermediate slopes, almost anywhere in UT will meet your needs. There is enough expert terrain in most places to keep your lady busy.   Therefore, what is more important is what type of lodging do you want, the importance of being near the slopes vs, commuting, beng able to walk a city (Park CIty) near the slopes to shop and dine, etc.  UT resorts are different that what you and I skied on the east coast.  There is no shortage of terrain. 

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aussiepr:  Welcome to EpicSki!  Utah is a great choice for a mixed ability couple.


Where have did you ski last season?  Only green run or also blues?  I have a feeling that you are probably more an early intermediate than a true beginner.  Do you have your own equipment?


I must disagree with the Snowbird recommendation.  Snowbird is not the place for a beginner, or even an early intermediate, to for a first trip to Utah.  Not when Alta, Park City, Brighton, and Snowbasin are about the same distance from the airport.  Someone who enjoys deep powder would probably be happier spending a week at Alta or Snowbasin than Park City or Brighton/Solitude.  All of these places are great for beginners as well.


What type of budget do you have?  For a pure ski vacation, staying in the town of Alta at one of the ski in/out lodges is the way to be completely spoiled.  Total relaxation since meals are included in the price.  Staying near Snowbasin is great if you don't mind being out in the countryside.  Park City is a ski town with lodging at all levels and easy access to three ski areas.  They are each popular destinations in their own way.  Can also stay in SLC in whatever level lodging and then have the flexibility to try out several places easily.


I know Alta's ski school is very good from personal experience.  Heard very good reports about Snowbasin.

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Go to Alta and stay at either the Rustler or the Alta Lodge.

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