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Skiing on short skis?

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I had a bad break in February, and have only been walking unaided a few months, but still have some soft tissue stuff going on, and my knee and ankle are not 100% yet.

My ortho (he is also a skier) said I could ski if I used a short, light ski this season because he doesn't want to risk high torque loads applied to my leg. My wife and ski shop conspired against me, and now i have a 161 Salomon lord.

I'm 5'10 and 270 (I put on about 20 pound over the summer from being inactive). I realize this is way off the chart for me, but is there anything I need to know or do to get the most out of this situation?

I'll let you know how it goes after this weekend, but any tips before then would be extra appreciated.
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Rehab is never easy, and the extra weight you're carrying will make skiing more difficult, especially on ungroomed terrain.  The short skis won't do you any favors as you'll lose additional stability. What you should ski on really shouldn't change too much as a result of your injury.  The intentions of your "advisors" is that you'd have less leverage on your legs with a shorter ski.  You still need to engage an edge ahd depend on that to hold a line to really be safe.

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I tend to agree with CR...I think it would be better to get active in a more controlled environment (like the gym) and get your knee and ankle closer to 100% while getting the rest of your body in as good a shape as possible BEFORE you go skiing.  If you do go skiing, TAKE IT EASY to start with- keep the terrain as easy as possible and avoid sketchy snow conditions.

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Eh... It's not the apocalypse.

It's really, really easy to ski, light and turny. Spent the day making tiny little C turns. It skis as fast as I need to ski on a crowded Eastern blue.

It bothered my skiing more that my boot cant was off. Looks like me foot isn't on straight anymore. It was pretty easy for my shop to fix with wedges under my foot bed though.

It was great to be out on the snow again. I'm looking forwards to the next time.
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