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Best Lake Tahoe Resort for late 20's Non-Skiers

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I'm trying to wrap my arms around all the different resorts at Lake Tahoe.  I've skied in Colorado (Breckenridge and Vail) plenty of times, but we're visiting friends who live in San Francisco and are meeting them out there.  I've read some what seem to be conflicting posts about North Tahoe and South Tahoe, and I'm hoping I can get some help.


We are taking a trip with two to three couples (late twenties).  The reality is that access to non-skiing activities is going to trump the best ski mountain (I'm from Texas and ski once a year so "best ski mountain" has a pretty low bar anyway, but the main people skiing on the trip are pretty solid black diamond skiers).


I'm trying to figure out which resort/mountain has a nice village at the base of the mountain with enough restaurants, shops, bars, etc. to keep people entertained during the day if they choose not to go up on the mountain.  Ideally, everything is walking distance from each other.


I know there are some casinos, but I don't know what they're like.  My wife enjoys the big, newer casinos in Vegas, but hates the small, super smoky ones.


Any recommendations on the mountain would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I'd love any specific resorts or hotels at that mountain as well.


Thanks so much,



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Welcome to EpicSki!  Always nice to have more southerners on board.  How many days will you be in Tahoe?  Driving up from SF, right?  What kind of lodging are you considering?  Hotel or condo?


For big casinos and lots of places within walking distance, has to be south Tahoe.  For advanced/expert skiers there is more fun to be had in north Tahoe but plenty to keep them busy in south Tahoe too.  Especially if willing to drive over to Kirkwood.


I added Tags (right side of Post #1) for the most likely ski areas.  I think there is enough EpicSki info to help you get started.  Scroll down to see links for related threads.

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Right now the plan is for a short two-day, two-night excursion, driving up from San Francisco.


As for the question of hotel versus condo, I don't think it really matters.  We'd love to get a two bedroom somewhere where we can walk most places (slopes, restaurants, etc.), with the idea being we could drive up and leave the car parked for a couple of days.


It sounds like from your earlier post that South Tahoe is the way to go.  I know Heavenly is there.  Are there other resorts/mountains that you are thinking of?


Thanks again for your help.

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The other ski areas in south Tahoe are Kirkwood and Sierra-at-Tahoe.


Check VRBO.com for condos.  There are some that are walking distance to a chairlift or the gondola.

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South lake Tahoe. How many days? There is more than enough expert terrain at heavenly to keep experts interested for a few days. If really they get bored then they can drive to try another resort.

Go for a cabin if you want to stay in and cook/drink/socialize at home. If you intend to go out though, then it doesn't matter as much.

If you re going 4+ days consider getting a season pass. Or check out heavenly website when booking lodging. They will only discount lift tix in a lodging package

Another cheap option is to base yourself in reno and have your ski friends drive to the resort. But you will also need to drive in if you want to enjoy nature and the lake and not just stay in mini vegas
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OP was asking in Nov 2012.

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ha, lol my bad.  damn my phone and it's related-threads button.

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Insert Twilight Zone music. 2012 was a fun year.


Where did he go? Did He enjoy it?



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