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Race ski purchase need advice

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Hello my daughter is needing new race slalom skis this season.

She is a high school racer who also races Nastar, last year was

her first competitive year, and she was ranked well in her division.

Her coach want us to buy new 155 skis, and move up from up from junior

Skis (Atomic 9'16 Beta Race 150cm) and into something adult.

We are in Michigan, and she skis Michigan ski facilities, and will

probably go to Winter Park next year for Nastar. We are looking at

Fischer RC4s (stiff or med flex) , and would entertain any other ski

suggestions. She is 5'7 tall 135lbs, and is very athletic although not

exceptionally strong in her legs. Anyone about to provide input?

We do have a strong possibility in a set of RC4 (stiff flex), but not

sure that the ski might not be too stiff.


Thanks in advance,



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Where does she ski?


I teach at Alpine and the Shumaker's shop there *might* have some race

skis with demo bindings that she could try.


Race skis = most expensive skis on the market, so get ready :)

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I would look at rossi/dynastar especially for someone light and not very strong since they tend to be a little bit softer than avg.
Also they are usually the cheapest race skis out there...

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At StartHaus in Tahoe we sell hundreds of race skis to racers from Jr. to H.S. to FIS from all over the west and elsewhere. Here are a few clarifications for you.........


The Fischer "stiff" is too stiff............period.

The prices will be roughly similar across the board.

Racers with current USSA cards can get a substantial discount on race skis and bindings.

A new 155 FIS SL ski from last year will be fine.

You do have to keep in mind that a used SL ski with 100 days on it may be living on borrowed time.



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Her home hill is Alpine, She is on the Milford Team, and is a very good skier, just not overly muscular.

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EBay....don't hate me but I've gotten some great skis there.

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+1 for Rossi and Dynastar. Also Elans will work too. Yes, Fischers race stock will be too stiff.

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     Since I'm a Fischer area rep I'm going to recommend one of our models, cross reference to other brands as needed. The Fischer Superrace SC[ not the worldcup SC thats different] . This ski is light[ good if you're not overly muscled] and in the proper length can be used for either SL OR GS[Nastar], regular sidewalls so it holds very well on ice, not as expensive as a WC ski, super user friendly. before I wrote this I took my 5 year old pair of 175cm SC's out and skied them again, at 200+ pounds no problem, and these have seen alot of hard use. I've sold a ton of these skis and no complaints. I know there will be plenty of people saying its not the same as a WC ski, they're right but you need to ask yourself do I need a WC ski. To much ski can be a problem and lead to bad habits.

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Too bad you weren't closer, I have 2 pairs of 2011 Dynastar Omeglass WCs 155 that my 14 yr old son in K2 (J3), about the same size last year used. Good skier, not a lot of bulk yet. I would recommend Rossi/Dynastars (same ski). Too bad the shipping would probably not make it worth it for you.

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Thank you everyone, we passed on the Fischer's (stiff), bought a new pair of SL Fischers (2011-20120 in medium).

Hope that she skis fast and well with them. All we need now is cold temps and snow!!



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