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Why are consecutive multi-day camps not more common?

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Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in resorts.


For the last 5 years, my gang (wife, daughter and I) have had at least one and sometimes two weeks at Whistler each winter. It has always involved most if not all of us taking a multi-day camp. I have done Dave Murray and Ski Esprit, wife has done Ski Esprit. My (now 8 year old) daughter essentially equates a ski vacation with their 5 day adventure camp.  We all (but ESPECIALLY my daughter) like getting to know the same instructor and classmates over a several day period. My daughter still corresponds with some of the girls she has met there, and I feel the “muscle memory” laid down over several consecutive days really helps my (our) progression. After that week, when I go back to my home mountain I have always noted significant improvement in how well I ski.


All well and good…but this year we were thinking about going to either Colorado or California so that some of our relatives could join us.  That is when I discovered that those types of consecutive day, same instructor same classmate camps are relatively rare.  Even the bigger resorts seem to only have that type of camp during a select few, high volume weeks – not  every week like at Whistler (and we intentionally go on “off” weeks, extra homework done leading up to trip for daughter).  A few more offer it for kids than do for adults, but unless my google-fu has really crapped out, it is more an exception than a rule. Multi-day private lessons would be an option I guess, but awfully expensive and you don’t get the chance to meet new people (some of the stories that Brazilian couple told about Carnival …WOW!eek.gif). So....back to Whistler it is (there are worse fates).


So my question is….Why?  Is it simply volume at a destination resort? I can see that but I looked  at several large, destination resorts with the same results. Is Whistler really THAT much larger volume wise? Is there something different about the clientele there vs other resorts.   I guess finally I could be simply not finding the programs due to weak searching/browsing skills.

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I don't have any input to the question posed, but will note that the Taos Ski Week sounds like an option for you.  I've never done one, but have only heard good things about them, and have been intrigued for a long time now.

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I can't answer your question either, but I am headed back to Whistler in a week to do their 4 day camp. I didn't want to go to Whistler since I'd been the previous two Decembers, but the camp sucked me back (plus lack of snow everywhere else). Like you say, worse place to go... They now are starting a four day camp every Monday for $300 to $350, it looks like. The page says they do video analysis and what not. Cheaper than buying 4 regular day long lessons.

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My guess is that the number of families interested in multi-day camps during an off-week vacation is pretty limited.  My experience at Alta for my daughter the last few years is that they have the same instructor doing lessons for a given level during a given week.  The kids tend to return for at least a second day.  So the parents are not committed for 3-4 days, but from the kid's perspective it's a multi-day experience.  My daughter was in Level 7 last season.  We go late season with friends.  She had the same instructor as the previous season.  In fact, the ski school adjusted the instructor assignments so that my daughter and her friend could be together and have that instructor.


If you have some place you want to go, could call the ski school and ask some questions directly.


From what I've read in the last few years, Whistler is in a class by itself as a single destination ski resort.  Not only for people from North America but also from the rest of the world.  Huge place, long season, relatively easy access from a large international airport, no real local competition as can be found in CO or UT or Tahoe.


Personally, a Taos Ski Week is on my bucket list.  Especially because the lessons are in the morning only.  I like having time to practice or just cruise after concentrating all morning.

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