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45-28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are the Steelers?
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Hines Ward, Alan Faneca, and Casey Hampton are going to the Pro Bowl. Antwaan Randel-El is going as an alternate.

The Steelers will beat the Ravens next week.

The Bengals will beat the Browns and win the Division.

Cowher will be back as head coach next season. Mike Mularky will move on to a head coaching spot (Good-bye). Maddox will be the starting QB. The Bus will renegotiate his contract and remain a Steeler. Plax will drop more easy passes before he learns to concentrate. The Steelers will win the North next season. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

New England and Philadelphia will meet in the Super Bowl. The Eagles will win. ( I got to remain true to my State even if Philly is really a part of that east coast megaopolis and has little in common with the rest of the State. [img]tongue.gif[/img] )
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.... And the Pirates will win the NLCS.
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It should be an interesting Sunday. I know the Steelers will play their hearts out. They have an incredible record in Baltimore in the past few years.

I'll be at PBS Sunday and then travel to "the burg" to see family for a few days. I hope to be making an early return to Ohio to prepare for a playoff game.

Whatever happens it has been a great deal more fun to be working in Cincinnati this year.
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