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Eddie Bauer Bombshelter 2.0 Jacket?

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I was in the local EB today and saw they were on sale.  I had no intention of buying one (ever!)  But the more I played with the jacket, the more impressed I was.  Took one home tonight and figured I could just return when it failed to impress me any further.  I unzipped the powder skirt and played with it some more.  Decided  it is a keeper.


Anyone used one...if so care to offer any feed back?


Any jacket that makes me hurt inside for 5' of steep cold smoke and my 138s has my attention :)

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I had the original Bombshelter last year and really liked the jacket. Very warm, and pretty much every feature one could ever want. HOWEVER, I ended up taking it back because it was constantly leaking down all over me.


Not just a little bit of down, but all over the place. It seemed to be a common complaint. I'd be interested to know if they have resolved that problem with the 2.0, because I really did love that jacket.

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I loved mine until the zipper broke.  That seems to be the most common complaint with the first version.  Got a full price gift cert. from EB.  I will likely get another.  If everything works as advertized it is just too good a jacket to not have.

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Gotta love the warrenty.  Same reason I would spend $300 @ the sale price.  No risk involved.


The more I play with thsi one the more I like it.  Originally thought it was too heavy but not any more.  EB keeps surprising me since the beginning on the FA gear.  Didn't expect much.  Getting much more than I paid for I think.  

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Did you get the green? How about down leakage? I'm tempted to buy another one at that price.

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I haven't used mine yet.  Other than to try it on and walk around the  house.  I  have and use a number of down pieces on almost a daily basis and this one doesn't seem to have a lot of down to loose...and so far hasn't lost any that I have noticed.  I did get the green.  Every bit as bright as the photo.  I really like the color.  It is different and bright :)


Thought about taking it  for a walk in the rain but then thought...why would I?! 

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Thanks for the update! My original one didn't even make it to the slopes, I only wore it around town before returning it. I made the mistake of wearing a black sweater underneath it one day... whoa boy, people at work were wondering what happened to me. It looked like a down pillow exploded on my shirt. roflmao.gif


I will probably get the green as well. I did notice that this years seems to fit a bit bigger when I tried it on. A small fit me perfectly at 6'0 170lbs. Medium was okay too, but was a pretty steezy fit.

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Ha,ha...black sweater and a down parka?  What were you thinking?  Doesn't really matter who's down at that point as it aint going to be pretty.  Better the down quality is, the smaller the "down" size and you can see how that will end on a black sweater when the jacket is first new.  Main reason I bought this jacket was the fit.  I'm 190 and 6'1" and a large fits perfect for climbing or skiing on me.

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Just to tell you a bit about Eddie Bauer's warranty.  I have this three piece (each purchased separately) system jacket that the shell started coming apart at a seam.  I looked for a replacement, but naturally it was discontinued.  Since the pieces fit together, the very thought of going out and replacing the shell and expecting it to work with fit and zippers was enough to get me to re-think that idea.  Called them and even though the shell and its friends were three seasons old, skied in well over 200 days, they told me I could return ALL THREE pieces for full credit if I liked.  Well, looked around and around for something that was the equivalent in three pieces and there was NOTHING to be had at under $400 (end of season, so not a lot of inventory out there).  I finally decided to go to a seamstress instead.  Got the whole next season out of that and it is all fine.  They didn't actually DO anything, but it was great to know that I COULD do something.  


Naturally, I've looked at the First Ascent stuff quite a bit, but they don't really talk about whether the pieces all work (or zip) together, so I've never attempted to replace the set up I've had since then...plus the First Ascent stuff is more money.  FWIW, the series I have is Weatheredge 365.  I see there is still some stuff called Weatheredge on their site, but not with the 365 tag.  The down liner I have leaks at little bit, but not hugely.  I always have pillow protectors on down pillows because somehow the down always leaks through that as well.   

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