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Do you sleep with a skier? - Page 4

Poll Results: Does your significant other ski?

Poll expired: Dec 7, 2012 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% of voters (40)
    Yes, is just as enthusiastic as I am
  • 25% of voters (35)
    Yes, but probably wouldn't ski if I didn't ski
  • 2% of voters (3)
    Yes, but only to humor me
  • 7% of voters (10)
    No, but will come on ski trips
  • 14% of voters (20)
    No, but encourages me to ski
  • 5% of voters (7)
    No, and resents the time I spend on skiing
  • 4% of voters (6)
    No, and resents the money I spend on skiing
  • 11% of voters (15)
    Yes without comment
  • 5% of voters (8)
    No without comment
136 Total Votes  
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Got to this party late.


My wife is the reason I ski. It is her passion. Been marrried to her 20 years. I started skiing because of her. First two seasons it was just OK. Then I got hooked. That was six seasons ago. She's got 15 seasons on me. I'll never catch up. I keep upgrading her equipment just as I am about to catch up and then she streaks ahead to the next level.


The good news is that she is good with me buying ski stuff. She knows I need all the help I can get.

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My wife enjoys skiing, but doesn't like East Coast skiing and only skis when we go West or to Europe. We don't travel to ski together as much as we used to due to working too much, kid's school, home life and budget (aka wrong priorities). It's been a few years. She is a natural athlete and grew up playing sports so she never has a problem getting right back into it, but tends to stay on the groomers. If we lived out West she would probably ski a lot more often.


Before kid, too many pets, self employment and the money pit (house) we skied all over the West together, got engaged in Breckenridge, got married in Vail, honeymooned in Steamboat and got pregnant in Les 3 Vallees France.


I go solo or with my son locally whenever I want but taking a solo trip usually requires some sort of home improvement or jewelry.


I sleep with a Ski Snob.

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My wife introduced me to skiing 18 years ago when I was 58 and after a few years (and many lessons!) we ski all over the world together. We like the same things (steeps, powder trees) and ski at the same pace so there is never a problem over run selection or speed. I've just stopped working as a volunteer patroller at our home mountain which gives us much more time to ski together in our season, while when we travel we virtually ski together the whole time unless we have friends joining us and then they follow us!rolleyes.gif

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